3 Dire Consequences Of Ignoring The Holy Spirit

The consequences of ignoring the holy spirit are dire and detrimental to your existence as a beautiful lady & sophisticated gentleman.

Ignoring the holy spirit

The past couple of weeks have been very trying and challenging in almost every area of my life aside from one. winks First my mom was ill, something so little that we even took lightly ended up been so drastic, and would have been destructive if I had kept ignoring the holy spirit. Now as a family we are as fresh as a newly baked cake and equally happy.

I’ve seen myself make spur of the moment decisions this week. You know those kind of unexpected events that drive you to make decisions you never saw coming. This particular one made me withdrawn, and dampened my resolve to an extent that I had no idea on the way forward, like a plot twist, the only way forward was scary and daunting until I heard his voice.

“Make that call.” I heard and ignored.

While focusing on my work, I heard his voice again “this is the best time to make that call Chika.” At this point I checked the time and behold, I understood why the holy spirit was leading me to do that.

Quickly I made the call and after I did, the restlessness I felt was gone. I was no longer weak. I had a new understanding and revelation on what that situation was about. The fulfillment I got was next to none and I had an overwhelming peace wash over me. That is what obeying the holy spirit does.

I’m sure you’ve all read this scripture but I’ll still share it. John 14:26

“The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I’m leaving you well and whole. That’s my parting gift to you.”
John 14:26 MSG

The holy spirit makes everything plain. He simplifies the confusing. He eases pain, and comforts the burdened. Ignoring his leading comes at a cost. If I had kept ignoring the holy spirit’s leading, I wonder what health condition my mom would have been now. If I had not listened and allowed myself get distracted, I would have missed something that was his plan for me all along.

Herald shared a live story of how the holy spirit led him away from the woman he wanted to get married to, that had and was still in bed with every other man in school then, unknown to him.

And I still wonder the consequences he would have faced if he didn’t receive clarity from God as an answer to his prayers.

The main reason why you are ignoring the holy spirit is because you are validating why the holy spirit should do what you want instead of listening to what he wants for you.

“It is not your place to direct the holy spirit. It is your only place to listen and obey his words.”

And mehn! Obedience is hard when the picture you’ve created seems right. Try throwing it aside and open your eyes to see the perfect picture he has for you.

What Are The 3 Dire Consequences Of Ignoring The Holy Spirit?

  1. Destruction

You destroy your life by ignoring the holy spirit. The funny thing about destruction is that, it doesn’t drop like a bomb. No. It creeps in like a termite and explode in your face. When he says do this this way and you do it your own way, gradually you see everything go sour.

All the efforts, time, money, attention etc all gone. The perfect plans he has for you hangs in the balance because you’re treading on a different path.

  1. Spiritual coldness

The minute you start ignoring the holy spirit your spiritual life begins to get cold. What is the use of taking his time to tell you things when you won’t listen? The holy spirit craves attention, enjoys friendship and rejoices with a listening ear. And when he no longer gets that, he becomes silent. He doesn’t leave. No.

He stays quiet waiting for you to call on him. To invite him. To embrace his wisdom & friendship. He stays there because he has chosen to be your friend for life, all that’s left is for you to do the same.

  1. Regret

Once you start saying “if I had known…,” “I wish I followed my mind,” “why didn’t I listen to…,” that is clearly a consequence of ignoring the holy spirit; Regret. The feeling of regret is a subtle feeling that speaks massively to the mind and negatively as well. It ruins your mental balance and drives you insane.

You regret why you didn’t listen. You count your loses and blame yourself for being stupid and foolish. You start feeling guilty for been the reason why everything is a mess. Depression steps in, your mental balance worsens and slowly your life fades.

These consequences are real and I would be lying if I said I haven’t experienced all. How I found my faith back, retreated from been a depressed & bitter person and began living a life void of regret is still a miracle. One I am eternally grateful for.

I truly hope that going forward, the words written here would push you to prioritize his leading, direction and his voice when he speaks. Even in the little things. Cuz ignoring the holy spirit comes at a huge price.

Say this prayer with me quickly – “Dear God, let my wants and desires for my life be aligned with your plans and desires for my life. Amen.

Ever experienced any of these consequences before? Or something that made you feel far from God? Share your thoughts, experiences & questions in the comment below


  1. emmanuella

    I have experienced the Regret part o. The funny thing is sometimes we forget the former consequence and fall prey again to disobedience.
    I believe its because sometimes the Holy Spirit’s suggestions are silly to the human mind but like my pastor would say, “our minds are too small to properly analyse God’s instructions

    • chiqj

      Hmm…deep!! “Our mind are too small to properly analyze God’s instructions.” I completely and totally agree with you. Its time to not take his suggestions as silly.

      Thank you Ella

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