Your Unfinished Success Story

This success story is unfinished because for me, success is not a destination. Success is a journey of starting something and watching it grow.

Success is more of seeing something you started grow and flourish everyday bit by bit.

I went to visit my friend and my Godson on Sunday and on my way there I couldn’t help but smile when I was right in front of a woman I used to buy fresh pepper and tomatoes from. Everything was different and it was so beautiful to see. She was attending to someone so I simply passed and made a mental note to say hi to her when I was going back home.

The man she sold for saw me always turning back and smiling and caught up with me when he was done buying his food stuffs.

“I saw you smiling at her, is everything okay?”

“Yes,” I smiled again. “The growth is blinding sir. She has two tables now. My God!” I exclaimed laughing.

“Oh. Now I understand you. I’m so proud of her. She started from almost nothing and looking at how she has made something tangible for herself.” He replied.

“Yes. I mean, she started with just a medium sized stainless tray that had a lot of space. Just few pieces of tomatoes and pepper she arranged inside her tray and kept on a high wooden stool for people to see. What caught my attention then was how consistent she was even under the scotching Sunday afternoon sun. And her tomatoes were always fresh and red.” I added smiling sheepishly.

“Hmm…for me it was the fact that she always came out on Sunday. And you know how people sometimes looked for some food items to buy on Sunday and no one would be selling? She was the only one that was selling after service on Sunday.”

“Wow! I agree to that.” He nooded and went the other way to his street while I moved on to my friends place.

When I was going back home by 2pm. I stopped by her table to say hi like I promised myself I would.

“Good afternoon ma.”

“Good afternoon my pikin.” She replied.

“Ma, na you get the whole table?”

“Yes oh.”

“Welldone ma. Ah! You try oh. I’ve been your customer since when you started selling with just a tray, Its been long I came here and I cannot believe this. Now you are selling almost everything. Thank God for you oh. God is faithful.”

“Yes oh. Thank you my dear. I don pay for shop sef opposite.” She announced.

“What?” My mouth fell open. “Wow! I’m happy for you. God bless you continuously. More to come.” And with that I said my goodbyes and left.

Success story unfinished

That woman’s success story watered my heart. I took a lot from it which is why I’m sharing it with you as well. That just maybe you’d see the depth in her story.

When Priyanka Chopra announced the title of her book “Unfinished” I loved it. I haven’t read it yet but I know that it’s something I would want to read.

“Our stories are unfinished.”

Priyanka said.

You may tell them your story. In fact, you should keep telling the world. The best part is that this blog was created because of stories. Because we all have stories to share, not just success stories but our unfinished stories, however sad and daunting, painful and brutal, sweet and joyful it may be.

My story is unfinished. Your story is unfinished. This woman’s story is unfinished. Your success story doesn’t end when you get your first job no matter how pleasant that may have felt at a time. It doesn’t stop at when you get your first personal client, no matter how long you’ve dreamt of that happening.

It doesn’t end as long as you’re alive and breathing. It doesn’t even end when you die. It doesn’t end as long as you are striving. It only ends when you end. It stops when you stop.

Your Success Story Ends

  1. When you stop
  2. When you leave no legacy
  3. When you don’t live a purposeful life

Some say the difficult part is starting. Some say the difficult part is continuing. Mehn! I don’t even know which one is more difficult. But I know that you have to answer important questions to begin. You’d have to make tough decisions along to way. You’d have to keep going, keep pushing even when the odds are stacked against you.

I feel like this woman’s drive was lack & poverty. The drive to not be robbed of her basic needs just because of money. The drive to provide for her children and family on those bad days when her husband comes home with nothing. Her success story started with this drive and it was what kept her going.

What drives you? Why do you do the things you do? Why do you sleep late by 2am and wake up as early as 5am? What makes you restless? Why do you grind daily?

Let the answer to these questions be the drive you need to keep pushing. And don’t shy away from making tough decisions that would protect what you’ve worked so hard for. (I am guilty in this area) But I’m as well learning.

Your success story doesn’t end now. It is unfinished. The future has a lot to write and tell about you. And I truly hope I get to be the one to share that unfinished story.

Love you.

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  1. Ini Edinyang

    Thank ou sweetheart for this piece. Quiet encouraging. My story is unfinished❤️

    • chiqj

      Yes it is darling. I’m glad you see that now.

      Thank you so much for being here

  2. Chinwe Nwagu

    Babe❤❤ This post made my day. My story is unfinished📌

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