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Admit it, you are busy, and you need someone who can create valuable content/copy for your website. 

That’s me

Here are different ways I can help your brand;

Writing long-form Search engine Optimized editorial content

 for your blog that will increase your conversion rate, increase your Google search engine visibility and make you rank on Google’s SERPs.

Writing web copies for your website pages.

Thought-provoking copies on your ‘Home’, ‘About’, and ‘Shop’, web pages that would leave visitors eager to engage with your brand.

Writing Social media Optimized content for your social media platform

Creative content that appeals to social trends, algorithms, brand goals, and customer needs to increase engagement and conversion.

Why me?

I’ve written for

Also because I am the only person that can make your content sell without shouting and boring your readers to death. And that is through storytelling for creative writing.
Word on the street is that “My storytelling game is top-notch”

And Because I am an expert storyteller. With storytelling being the biggest content marketing strategy, I will use storytelling to write creative content that would evoke emotions, foster brand likability, and convert sales.

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Blog writing

 I love writing blogs. I blog on my blog, I blog on the client’s blog, and I can also write your blog.


Whether it’s a product page, a service page, or a home page. I can write a convertible copy for your website.

Email Writing

With an open rate of 60% and above, my emails are hard to resist. Blame the storyteller in me. *winks.

Business writing

Professional and well-tailored company profile, product brochure, service brochure, business proposals, and sales pitch to improve brand visibility and product knowledge.


Transforming vague content through clean editing and catching grammatical errors with careful eye-catching proofreading.

Ghost Writing

I can do all the creative writing and let you shine. From articles to short stories to research papers to blog posts, I can be a ghostwriter for you. Writing creatively whilst maintaining your brand voice and tone.

Here are other ways you can work with me:

Speaking engagement

I can speak to your staff, team members, community, schools, groups, etc on Creative writing, Storytelling, Blogging, Digital marketing, and Personal Development.


 Private Coaching for writers, creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs on blog marketing, storytelling marketing, and Creative writing. Book a coaching session now.

Sponsored Post

Hire me to write tailored marketing blog posts for your brand and advertise them on my blog as sponsored posts. Here you enjoy my blog visibility, influence, and readers.

What My Clients Say

Your Storytelling game is 🔥

~Ruth Adeyemi

Thank you. I just reviewed it. I really like the content. I’ll definitely be returning again.


Chika, you make your writings seem so effortless, but I know you must have worked hard and have thoroughly researched all your details before you put them out there. I am always excited to read your beautiful stories.

~Anthonio Kekeocha.
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