The Angry Tears I Shed

Dear You, I write this letter in angry fact, this lemon top of mine is been scarred with dry wasted tears even as I write this. I write this to hide it in my drawer but I'm hoping it gets to you. Wishing that my tears would embrace yours. Praying that these angry tears would stop flowing, but I can't control it. So just for today, I'm letting it flow. Those piercing words you've probably heard before, I heard again last night, and its echoes replaying in my tiny little head brought these uncontrolable angry tears. The voice of rejection. The voice of selfishness That same voice that tells me to my face that I was taken for granted. I experienced.

Your Unfinished Success Story

This success story is unfinished because for me success is not a destination. Success is a journey of starting something and watching it grow. Success is more of seeing something you started grow and flourish everyday bit by bit. I went to visit my friend and my Godson on Sunday and on my way there I couldn't help but smile when I was right in front of a woman I used to buy fresh pepper and tomatoes from. Everything was different and it was so beautiful to see. She was attending to someone so I simply passed and made a mental note to say hi to her when I was going back home. The man she sold for saw me always turning back and smiling and caught up with me when he was done buying his food stuffs. "I saw you smiling at her, is everything okay?" "Yes," I smiled again. "The growth is blinding sir. She has two tables now. My God!" I exclaimed laughing. "Oh. Now I understand you...