10 Bad Days Scriptures to Get You Through Bad Days

Are you having bad days? I bet you are or once were. Truth is, I also have bad days. Who doesn't? Sometimes we worry, sometimes the office gets toxic, sometimes parenting becomes stressful, sometimes working becomes draining, sometimes rest seems far fetched, sometimes we are faced with stumbling blocks, sometimes memories of that trauma haunts you again, sometimes something triggers the pain of losing that person, and sometimes even adulthood alone stresses the hell out of you. And the crazy part is that, on those bad days we lash out, transfer aggression, become quiet, overthink, talk about it, call a therapist, get treated but we seldom seek Gods words. His scriptures have been designed to be there for us on those bad days when all we can see is the evil and ugly. On those dark days his words have been written to lighten our lives.

3 April Fools Day Stories that will Shock You

Its April! Yayyy!!! Welcome to the month of April, a month blessed with juicy april fools day stories. Because it's April fools day. Yippee!!! Okay please don't fool me today I beg you. Waking up this morning made me happy because today is my friends birthday (Happy birthday Aida) and couldn't help but remember that today is also April fools day with comes with lots of April fools day stories. I don't know who invented this April fools day but I'm eternally grateful to that person. For setting out a day where we get to fool or prank people to our hearts content and enjoy their reaction

3 Dire Consequences Of Ignoring The Holy Spirit

The consequences of ignoring the holy spirit are dire and detrimental to your existence as a beautiful lady & sophisticated gentleman. The past couple of weeks have been very trying and challenging in almost every area of my life aside from one. *winks* First my mom was ill, something so little that we even took lightly ended up been so drastuc, and would have been destructive if I kept ignoring the holy spirit. Now as a family we are as fresh as a newly baked cake and equally happy. I've seen myself making spur of the moment decisions this week. You know those kind of unexpected events that drive you to make decisions you never saw coming. This particular one made me withdrawn, and dampened my resolve to an extent that I had no idea on the way forward, like a plot twist. The only way forward was scary and daunting until I heard his voice. "Make that call." I heard and ignored.