Does time heal every wound? (How to use time to heal in 10 ways)

Does time heal every wound? A question I asked myself after i watched something few weeks back when an elderly man tapped a younger man on the shoulder and said "time heals all wounds lad." And I burst out laughing. Really? Who was he kidding? I guess he was just trying to encourage the young guy or make him feel better about the situation. Maybe it worked but I'm sure latter he would realize the bitter truth. I bought a gorgeous heel three years ago and it was sparkling and clean and everything that makes a shoe new. Now I'm staring at it in the wardrobe and its no longer shinning, no longer new. Infact, it has a sratch on the tip, and a dark line on the sole. A lot has changed yet, it's still the same nude shoe I bought three years ago. Even more comfortable now than when it was new because my feet has gotten used to it. Its familiar & comfortable just like a relationship between a married couple.

Where Do You Want To Be In 5 years? (Reflection on effective goal setting)

Someone asked me this question few days ago; Chika, where do you want to be in 5 years? I'm sure the person is probably going to hate me from that day because my answer was not nice at all. *hahaha* I answered that, "I did not understand last year, I'm still trying to understand & navigate this year. Am I Jesus Christ that I would know where I'd want to be in five years from now? I don't like nonsense joor." *laughs* I made a joke out of it because I was pissed by the question in the first place. I just didnt want to sound rude or ignore the person asking so I made light of it.

3 Effective Ways To Find Peace Of Mind And Happiness

Last week we talked about unexpectations then a question popped in my head, would I be at peace when something unexpected happen? Nah. I doubt that. Truth is my mind would be in constant turmoil thinking of how to handle the blow and how to face this new pursuit. When James was informed that his shop was engulfed in flames. He was thrown off balance. Loosing everything, the sweat, blood, money was all gone. Everything was lost. He went from thinking of how to keep growing in business to how he would start afresh all over again. His peace was denied. How would he find peace of mind again and happiness. The same day John went on one knee and proposed to his friend of three years. And beautifully she said "yes I will." It was the most heartwarming feeling ever to those watching and such a big blessing & celebration for John whose heart couldn't stop beating. *laughs* But later that night all the happiness disappeared. The sweet memory was gone now replaced with