3 Effective Ways To Find Peace Of Mind And Happiness

Today its Peace of mind and happiness. Last week we talked about unexpectations then a question popped in my head, would I be at peace when something unexpected happen? Nah. I doubt that. Truth is my mind would be in constant turmoil thinking of how to handle the blow and how to face this new pursuit.

find peace of mind and happiness
Peace of mind and happiness by Moses Ameachi

When James was informed that his shop was engulfed in flames. He was thrown off balance. Loosing everything, the sweat, blood, money was all gone. Everything was lost. He went from thinking of how to keep growing in business to how he would start afresh all over again. His peace was denied. How would he find peace of mind again and happiness?

The same day John went on one knee and proposed to his girl friend of three years. And beautifully she said “yes I will.” It was the most heartwarming feeling ever to those watching and such a big blessing & celebration for John whose heart couldn’t stop beating. laughs But later that night all the happiness disappeared.

The sweet memory was gone now replaced with the thought of having a new responsibility. What if he failed at his marriage? What if he makes his soon to be wife unhappy? Would forever be theirs or would their marriage fade along the line? Would he be a terrible father like his own dad? He tossed and turned all through the night. As happy as he thought he was, somewhere alone he fought. He was faced with a battle that denied his peace of mind. How would he find his peace of mind and happiness again?

Unlearn that the only battle we face is a physical battle.

The biggest battle we face is that of the mind. We first wage war in our mind before we throw physical punches. Someone asked me yesterday “what is happiness to you?” And I thought, Peace. Peace. When I was the happiest was when I had peace. Sometimes I laughed the loudest but I was not happy. Sometimes I made silly dance videos but i wasn’t happy at all. Other times I played so hard yet I knew I was deeply sad. So happiness is not when you laugh the most, not when you eat your favorite food or talk to your favorite person but its when you are at peace. When your mind is as free as a bird. When you feel like flying.

Does this mean every time I drank my favorite drink; caprisonne or spoke to that special someone that makes me smile that I wasn’t happy? No. It only means that I can be happy at intervals. That there are little things that would brighten our world and our faces even when our mind is not at peace. Little deposits of goodness that constitutes our happiness and lighten our heart but doesn’t give us the win we desire. Those deposits are what keeps us going when the storm rages. Peace of mind and happiness is like mother and child. Peace births happiness.

A mother is happy once she hears the news of a child growing in her, and as this child grows in her she is both happy and sad because of the restlessness and experience that come with pregnancy and childbirth. Yet, she is only a mother once the child is born. That is her win. That is the cue that the battle is won.

Mandy Kloppers shared 40 whopping ways to find inner peace and I must say, that tip she shared was helpful and would give you relief.

But as someone that would always tell you the bitter truth whether you like it or not or want to hear it or not, do everything on that list and you still won’t find peace. You would not even remember that anything like affirmations exists or breathing therapy or books or yoga. Who does yoga in this part of the world? Books fire! laughs

So are you ready for me to show you how to find peace of mind and happiness?

3 effective ways to find peace of mind and happiness


Acceptance is accepting that this thing is gone or that this situation has happened. Henrik Edberg said “let go of things you cannot control. Acceptance is accepting that some things are beyond your control and that there’s so little you can do. Acceptance is also acknowledging what needs immediate attention. As much as there are things you can’t change there are also some difficult situations where you’d have to step in and act.

Acceptance is the first step to gaining peace of mind and happiness. A lot of people stay in denial for a long time, due to fear, stress or weakness. But as soon as they mentally accept the deed then they’d see a light so bright that it brightens their lives.


God is the giver of peace. I cannot over emphasize the importance of a relationship with God. If you’re not communicating with God then you’re missing the most important relationship ever.

In fact you’re missing life itself. His very nature is peace. His spirit comforts us and takes away our burden. Start seeing him as a friend, talk to him as a friend, pour out your heart and mind to him and watch him renew your mind. Watch him operate on your mind. Your peace would be endless. Everlasting. Still confused on how to communicate intimately with God? Read a guide here on Christian intimacy with the Holy spirit.

Little things.

Regardless of whether you are void of peace of mind and happiness, there are little things that excites you and put smiles on your face. Indulge in those things. It may be talking to a friend, traveling, watching football or movies, driving, partying, exercising etc. For me watching a movie takes my mind off the chaos.

When you accept that there are some things you don’t have the power to control, bring it at the foot of Christ, talk to God about it and as you find happiness in little things you love, gradually you’d have your peace of mind and happiness restored back to you.

A win.

What is happiness to you? And do you agree that these points can help you regain your peace of mind and happiness? Got more points to add? Share your thoughts and experience in the comment below.


  1. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Well said my amiable writer.. Lemme add little about relationships with God, God maketh one rich and add no sorrow, and if you chose to make money in an ungodly way you will lose many things,one of the things you lose is your relationship with God, you lose your peace, you lose your joy…. When u have God you have his light that comes with love, joy, peace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and his goodness.. Lemme stop here . Chi I celebrate you you are doing well

    • chiqj

      Aww. This is so deep Kingsley. Like you just opened up another perspective entirely. Wow! Truly in the pursuit of material and monetary pleasures we tend to make poor decisions that take away our peace. In this scenario, God is the best solution. God is the ultimate. Everything you just said would help a person have a relationship with him. Thank you always Kingsley. Your support warms my heart. Hugs xoxo

      • Ndinechi Kingsley

        One with God is majority….. Chika dibia 💯💯
        Oluwa gat ur back nnem

  2. emmanuella

    I love this so much. Acceptance, God and little things. While it’s hard to accept some things, it’s easier to grow and move on when we eventually do.

    “Little things”just created a poem in my mind. If I post it I would for sure tag you.
    Well done Chika

    • chiqj

      Wow!! Such a big inspiration. I can’t wait for the magic you’d create with it. Little things matter even we feel they aren’t big enough. Truth is, the are so big that it looks small. May God help us accept things and let go no matter how difficult it is.

      Thank you Ella. Love xoxo

  3. Uchenna Chidi-ukah

    So I just needed to read this because I was struggling with happiness to, and just recently I was posting on my status that losing your happiness over something or a phase of your life is not the same thing as losing your Joy (of the Holyspirit) as a Christian. So when Christians see themselves losing happiness it doesn’t mean they have lost their joy, at the moment they are just not happy. So I just wanted to remind us that one way to be happy is to watch out for triggers. Being unhappy is not an emotion that spans for more than 24hrs, at most momentarily during the day you find that you lose your peace over something you read, watched or saw on social media or even heard or remembered. These are triggers and you need to watch them and avoid Although one can never be too careful but when the sadness emotions get triggered, remember it’s a chemical reaction that was triggered by something and it probably won’t last more than a day or two and in which case if it does, we might be looking at clinical depression and you might need therapy. Either ways mood swings are normal and can happen to anyone especially if you are waiting on God for something or trusting Him for something that hasn’t come yet. You are not in the wrong to switch from excited to suddenly sad…but snap out of it soon enough and remember to be anxious for nothing. Above don’t forget to watch out what triggers those negative or sad emotions and by all means avoid them. If it’s the news, turn it off, if it’s social media, detox for a while. Do what’s healthy for your state of mind and be in peace. Shalom✌️

    • chiqj

      😭😭😭 I’m crying. I’m literally crying. Omg! Uche you just dropped a bomb. Wow!! Triggers are so invincible that we tend to ignore them. But we forget that every emotion we fell start with a trigger that turned into a spark.

      I hope others can read your input as well and learn. I’m so sharing this. This is premium.

      Love and hugs xoxo

  4. Trinity

    This piece is super great..God gives peace that pass human understanding..indeed we need to have an intimacy with God cos without him life is empty.seek ye first the kingdom.of God and every other thing will be added unto u(peace wealth love etc).more grace darling.

    • chiqj

      Thank you Darling. Our faith and salvation is the most beautiful choice ever. We shouldn’t be silent about it. We shouldn’t be lenient with it as well. We have a God that can do anything. He is the epitome of peace. And holding on to him and asking for his peace is the best thing cuz he never says No to his children. Never.

      Its time to call him. I’m so proud of your Christian journey. More growth

  5. ini Edinyang

    Beautiful piece❤️❤️❤️. To think I just went through this phase and God is still helping me.
    God is our ever present help in these times, it might be a struggle but depression and mood swings doesn’t change the situation.
    I know that sometimes we just want to stay in the unhappy state but it’s not worth it. God will help us..
    He is a Good Good Father

    • chiqj

      Yes darling. Thank you for sharing this with me and for welcoming my ears into those moments you weren’t proud of. I’m super glad that you are embracing the gift of God in this situation. Truly I’d have been so stubborn to act out my feelings if I were you but I’m happy Gods wisdom is helping you heal. Keep enjoying his peace.

      Love xoxo

  6. Amaechi Moses

    I will let of Things I cannot control and accept things as the way they are. Thank you Chika for this Amazing piece.

    • chiqj

      Thank you for understanding this fact. I pray his peace resides in you always and forever. In fact, I’m sure of it.

      Love and hugs xoxo

  7. Joy Obo Saka

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this read Chika, it’s timely. I pray these points works for me as I engage in them.. more Grace to you darling ❣️

    • chiqj

      Amen. I pray so too Joy. Thank you for coming through. Love xoxo

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