Deepening your intimacy with the holy spirit. The only means to enjoying your Christian life.

Yesterday afternoon I was chatting with a friend outside work when I told him

“Guy the holy spirit is just the sweetest, the guy was just laughing at me, because he asked me not to wear my black slippers to work but instead of listening, I stubbornly wore it and it disgraced me in the middle of the highway. Since then he has been laughing at me so hard”.

“Really?” My friend asked giggling in delight.

“Yes oh. Dude holy spirit is just the coolest person”. I replied.

“Thats true oh. Let me give you gist”. He suggested.

He told me how he was walking on the street
heading somewhere when he passed two girls in front of their entrance door, he thought immediately that it would be so nice to get to share the gospel with them. But he removed the thought from his mind quickly since it was getting late and the cloud was dark, it looked like it was going to rain. He turned front and continued walking.

“Go and talk to them”. He heard the voice again. He stopped on this track “But rain has started dropping, and its not a good time”. He whispered back.

“Stop giving excuses and just go and talk to them”. He heard again. This time he burst out laughing. So he turned his back and was walking towards the girls when he saw them entering inside the house.

“You see. They’ve gone inside”. He muttered to the holy spirit smiling like a mad man on the street. This time he needed to get to his destination on time since the rain was becoming a heavy outpour.

Before he could make a move. He heard the sound of laughter and looked around,only to see the girls outside again.

“You see. I told you. Now its time you listen”. He heard holy spirit say. This time he knew there was no turning back so he succumbed.

“Yes Boss”. He replied sheepishly

As soon as he said hi to the girls, they moved back frightenly.

“No No. Don’t be scared”, its possible that they might have noticed him looking at them from a distance and that scared them a little, he thought. “Look, I’m not here to harm you. I’m just here to talk a little”. He said and started on the business of why he was there.

As they discussed the girls loosened up a little and relaxed. Without even realizing it the rain had stopped the minute he began talking to them. He chuckled and muttered “stop laughing Holy spirit. I know I should have just listened and acted without giving a second thought”.

After sharing this story I couldn’t stop laughing because that is exactly how the holy spirit is.

I also marvelled at his intimacy with God. It was so sweet to hear. And I myself knew first hand how delicious having a close relationship with the holy spirit can be.

The holy spirit is not a dictator. That is who God is. We already have a dictator. God has made the rules. The do’s and dont’s. He has made the commandments. He has made his principles and precepts. He shows us the way and directs our paths. He tells us what to do. But then he was too big of a person that it was not easy for us to open up to him.

So how then could he make us forthcoming without punishing us? God thought. There was only one way. His Spirit.

Sending us his spirit. The person of the holy spirit. He called him the comforter. The healer. The silent whisperer of his words. The gentle one. The meek one. God knew that what we needed was someone more like us; the holy spirit.

Are you following?

The holy spirit was created to build that bond with us that God the father so desired. Until you understand that he is a friend you cannot operate in the dimension God intends for you.

So why aren’t you building an intimacy with him?

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you

John 14:26

He is the mediator. He would stand for you before God. He is the healer. Your heart will find rest as long as you embrace his friendship. He is the comforter because his gentle whisper is all it takes to eradicate the pain and sorrow you feel inside. He is the revealer; nothing can go wrong because he is there to show you the mind of God.

For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say

Luke 12:12

He is someone you should tell everything to. He is someone that holds the secrets of heaven, which is the more reason why you should befriend him so that those secrets can be revealed to you too.

How can you build your intimacy/relationship with the holy spirit?

You can easily ask that friend that hasn’t even called you in months for advice but asking the holy spirit that is right beside you even at this very moment has proven to be difficult for you.

Intimacy with the holy spirit starts with desiring to be more to him and acting on his gentle whispers.

Just like when you decide to finally date that man/woman that you like already and start calling often and sending cool messages/gifts to keep the relationship alive that is how it is with the holy spirit too.

Just start with “Good morning holy spirit. I love you so much. What should we do today?”

And see if he would not embrace you with his friendship, peace and anionting.

  • Just like that friend you understand, study and understand the holy spirit.
  • Talk to him always.
  • Tell him how much you love him
  • Don’t hurt him
  • Always listen to him even when its not convenient; just like in the story I shared.
  • The more you get to spend time with him, the more you get to grow your relationship with him and the more you begin to be filled with his power and Anointing

The Holy spirit was the second most precious gift God gave us after Salvation. While some have unwrapped this gift and are enjoying its treasures and power, others have tossed their gift aside still closed and unwrapped.

Its time. The time is Now. Open that gift.

Read Romans 14:17 Acts 1

Do you have an intimate relationship with the holy spirit? If Yes, how has it been? If No, has this post helped you gain clarity? Share your thoughts in the comment


  1. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Holy Spirit my comforter… I could remember the first time I heard a brother gave testimony about the Holy Spirit waking him up… The one Saturday night I wanted to attend 6 am mass on Sunday cause for the past months I have been going late to church, then that faithful day, I prayed and ask holy spirit my comforter please wake me up on time, to my greatest surprised he deed as I asked him ever since then I don’t joke with holy spirit, even if I want to coke I call on him and every thing goes perfect as if na Chika joy coke d food.. Holy Spirit of God as I have testify about your goodness in public please my comforter give me another testimony that I will testify for people to believe in you oh gentle spirit, I make my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

    • chiqj

      Oh my God! Aww ❤ Thank you for the prayers Kingsley may God bless you for always thinking of me and praying for me. And you really did crack me up this morning. The Holy spirit is indeed the best. There was also a time He kept waking me up by 2am sharp to pray. I either pray or I loose my sleep. That’s how amazing and powerful he is. I’m glad you understand this. Thank you so much. Hugs xoxo.

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