Who do you blame for your failure? The power of preparation

We came back late from church that night; me and my mom. Upon reaching, we noticed that there was no electricity, the power was out. We immediately went to carry the fuel to power the generator., only to find out that the fuel rubber was empty.

We felt so frustrated. It was hard to do anything around the house with no light. Mummy’s phone’s battery was dead and she needed it on in order to make a last minute change to the project she was handling, due to be submitted on Sunday, the next day.

There was nothing we could do except hope and pray. Which was a delusional exercise, knowing how annoying and unpredictable the power company in Nigeria can be. But we kept hope alive and focused on every other thing.

By few minutes past eleven, she was sitting in the living room consumed with sleep. While I was in my room pressing my phone, with no care at all, whether they bring the light or not was not my problem. I just wish they did, for my mothers sake.

Almost immediately we heard the sound of the meter “Up NEPA.” I leaped for joy and ran to the living room to tell my mom. She knew already when I got there. She quickly went to the room to get her charger.

I just sat there and watched her plug the charger to the socket.

“What kind of nonsense is this?” My mom exclaimed in anger. I became instantly worried.

“What happened?” I asked.

“The charger is not working.” She wailed.

“Are you serious? Have you checked well? Give me let me try.”

“I’ve even tried it on the extension, yet it did not charge.” She replied and gave me the charger to try.

I tried severally, i bent the head of the charger, folded the cord, plugged it on every other socket in the house but it still didnt work.

“After waiting for power. This nonsense charger failed me. I will not buy charger from that man again”. She kept talking. I wanted to laugh so badly but I held it in. Now the charger seller is the one to blame laughs.

I quickly ran to my room to laugh well, so she won’t see me. “Mummy go and sleep. There is nothing you can do now”. I said to her as I went inside.

I shut the door and laughed my hearts out.

I also felt for her. The thing she had been praying for finally came but she was not ready to recieve it.

Because she had neglected the power of preparation and its place.

Let’s take a look at this carefully;

The Goal was for the phone to be charged.
For the phone to be charged she needed electricity. Electricity was beyond her control so she prayed for it to come. Then, finally it came, but she couldn’t use it; it was as good as useless because something was lacking.

The means.

The means in which the electricity would be passed to the phone to eventually fulfill her goal was missing. That means was the Charger in our case study.

But that means in real life is Preparation.

She could blame the man, blame the socket, blame NEPA but at the end of the day, she was to blame, because she wasn’t prepared for when power would be back on. Of course you may say, but there was no way for her to have known that the charger was faulty, but regardless, she should have been prepared for the outcome.

If you’ve read to this point I’m sure you know where I’m heading to.

Preparation is the means that connects your opportunity and your dreams together to give you your desired result and turn those dreams into reality.

Preparation is the means to an achievable end.

Note this:

While praying for that big sales to land, also prepare by making sure that your products bring solution, that you have a good strategy in place, and that you’ve got the skills to sign this deal.

As you pray for your dream lady/gentleman, make sure that you are mentally, spiritually, physically and behaviouraly prepared to handle whatever comes your way. Or else the gift you prayed for may just be useless to you.

Most of you are consumed with the idea of success and the sound of six figures. But it would never be yours if you don’t prepare; by sharpening your skills, studying what needs to be learned, meeting who needs to met; going to school if that’s what it takes, paying for a course if that is the means, collaborating with others if that would produce the result.

Just do what it takes and move fast.

Blame yourself instead of blaming your fate, situation and lack of resources, because when the opportunity comes what you would deliver becomes absolutely trash, instead of delivery your very best.

And no one wants that.

So to avoid that situation arising. Be prepared for that long awaited gig and opportunity, so that when you begin, you smash it.


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  1. Peter Precious

    You are doing a great job here

    • Trinity

      Great piece my beautiful and talented friend God bless u forever..More grace ma.

      • chiqj

        Thank you so much Chi. I’m so glad it inspired you. Hugs and love xoxo

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