6 Life Unexpected Events And How To React To Them

Unexpected events are events we dislike so much because we have no control over them. Its like a sudden slap on the face that feels like hot artardo pepper but the strange thing you’ve failed to realize is that unexpected events are also a cone of sweet flavored ice cream that melts in the mouth as you savoir its chilling taste with such satisfying pleasure and unbelieving joy.

Unexpected events

Its the peak of summer here in Nigeria, something we often call ‘dry season’, and rain is often far fetched in January even in rainy places like the city of Port Harcourt. Yet, I was at work two days ago ( on Wednesday) when I suddenly heard the clapping of the roof. I didn’t pay attention because I thought it must have been the wind or the echo of a moving vehicle on the road. But in few seconds the sound came again, this time so loud and scary. I raised my head and walked to the window only to be met with raindrops falling from the sky and before I could react the rain began dropped heavily.

“Oh my God. Chika is this rain?” My colleague asked in shock looking outside.

“Yes my dear. I’m as shocked as you are”. I smiled. I was happy too because i love the rain & the rain was going to calm the heat and control the dust. So it was a blessing surprisingly.

The funny thing is; what started as a heavy downpour suddenly became a storm. The wind came and properties were flying ruthlessly. Thunder strikes left a spark that got me open mouthed. Everyone was taken unawares. Cars were parked because drivers couldn’t see in the storm. Taxis were unavailable because of the flood. We rushed to close everywhere because damn, this one was daunting. Let me surprise you again, the storm lasted for two hours. Two long hours of me wondering how I would get home because it was almost my closing time. Thinking ‘if I had known I would have brought an umbrella with me to work’. But well, that’s why its an unexpected event. Totally unplanned for. Completely surprising.
Movements were stopped, plans were suspended and businesses were closed rapidly. Yet we could sleep well at night because the weather was cold and chilly. such irony laughs

Since childhood parents have expected you to do this, try that, to live a certain way, associate with specific people etc. Society have expected you to pay tax, dress in a different way, regulate your movement etc. And then as adult you also set those expectations for yourself. Be a graduate at twenty, get a job after school, get married before thirty, have a million in your account in your twenties and so on. Then subsequently you set goals to help you achieve these expectations. You plan and strategize to be in charge of something you want to achieve. To be in control of the goal. But what you don’t plan for is the unexpectations that come knocking at your door. You don’t plan for the unexpected events that may occur along the line. The truth is you have no control over the unexpected and that is why you often deny its existence. But wisdom is to “expect the unexpected”, another wisdom is “not all unexpected events are bad, some if not most are good.” Do not treat life surprises & unexpected events as vain and disgusting because they would happen. The sooner you learn how to react to them, the better your life would be.

Here are 6 major life unexpected events and how to handle them.


The force of nature can neither be changed nor fixed. It can only be handled properly which is through positive acceptance. If you like hit your head on the wall, you’d still fart inside the bus and pretend it was not you, rain would fall at anytime, earthquake would happen unenexpectedly, snow can just fall in Nigeria tomorrow, (Amen oh. smiles Who else can’t wait to experience snow in Nigeria?) Taking charge of nature is like wrestling with God. You cant fight it. You will fail and fail woefully if you do. Natural unexpected events can be a blessing if you choose to accept it and not dwell on it.


I love love. Who doesn’t? Well, you’d have face me if you don’t. winks I couldn’t agree more with the line “Love happens in unexpected places.” and “sometimes we love who we least expect.” Unexpected events like love is a huge blessing. Love is the biggest feeling of freedom. It is not bound by tribe, tradition, age, sex, status, race etc. Sometimes you find yourself loving someone you never thought you could. Loving so deeply and passionately without receiving that love in return. And other times you love completely and your love is returned. Be it in friendship and relationships. The heart knows what pleases it which makes love so unexpected. Even when you know that a big level of pain may come from loving that person, your heart would still betray your mind. Some people who have made it clear that they are not ready for love still find themselves developing feelings and loving someone special against what they had planned. I’d say, if you love someone and the other person has made it clear that he/she doesn’t love you in return please let go. Its hard but allow yourself let go and give room for someone who would reciprocate your love. And if love unexpectedly happens and you both love each other, please don’t stay apart. Don’t run from that love. Give that love a chance. Allow it to bloom and if it doesn’t work then make it end. But if it does then you know what that means. cheers


While some people gain love unexpectedly some loose theirs. What has a beginning surely has an end. Breakup. Although some breakups show warning signs but it doesn’t mean it was expected. Breaking up a relationship you thought would lead to the future has got to be a big blow. Talk about the dreams & memories shared, the time invested, and the emotions involved. Be sure that you’re breaking up for the right reasons and please don’t turn that person into your enemy. Say your goodbyes like civilized people not like market people. Breakups also happen between close friends as well. Having a close friends for years and realizing that you’re now drifting apart is so sad. Accept that friends come and go and you are not to be blamed alone for your failed relationship. Only then can you be better. (Understand why close friends don’t last here) Unexpected events are a truck load of surprises.


Only a fool would accept new life as a part of life and not accept death as a part of life. I’m not sorry if you feel bad Life and death are two sides to a coin. What lived must die but only to live on. We rejoice in life but we cry in death which is humane. Death comes with a massive amount of pain. No amount of pain can be compared to loosing someone special, a child, a parent, friend, family, etc. And for some this pain have destroyed them because they allowed it to. While others have drowned in grief that makes them unrecognizable. God forbid that you become so! Death and loss are unexpected events that we can only accept. Yet also praying that death doesn’t come knocking on time. (Rise through grief and loss here)


Ah! Nobody loves sickness. A mere headache can render you weak and ruin your mood talk more of severe illness and disease. A perfectly healthy person can just be rushed to the hospital only to be diagnosed with a terminal illness. It baffles me. ‘I always ask, where do all this strange sickness come from?’ But often times we never know and that is why sickness and diseases are unexpected events that deny us comfort, peace and wholeness. The only way to handle this is to stay calm whilst making sure that you go through all the necessary treatment required to make you healthy again.


Some wins like getting a job promotion you never applied for, achieving a milestone, getting a call from someone that could change your life are all unexpected events that could drive one happily crazy. This one is such a surprise that shocks your entire being and gladdens your heart in the most beautiful way. For me a sudden bank alert on my phone can just make my day laughs Trust me little wins like this add flavor & spice up our lives.

Some stories on unexpected experiences by individuals here

I hope this post would assist you in keeping your mind open for both the expected and the unexpected events that may occur this year and more. It could be a blessing if you accept it and react positively. Remember, Attitude is everything.

Leave me a comment sharing your thoughts and tell me one unexpected thing you’ve experienced that came as a shock. I’d be in the comments waiting.


    • chiqj

      Judith thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you had a good read.

      Hugs xoxo

  1. Ivy E

    Love is something people always anticipate or even try to control the most but like u said its unexpected!!!

    Usually it doesn’t come in the package you desire it…
    He may not be rich
    He may not have a car
    He may be a handyman (having potential)
    She may not be slim or a slay queen/arm candy
    She may not be well packaged but has great qualities

    Hell love take you on a totally different kind of ride but in all acceptance for whom they are is the ultimate 💕💕💕

    • chiqj

      Wonderful! Wow!! Ivy you just made a profound statement and spiced it up with a much needed advice for everyone who is willing to adhere.
      You’re so wise!

      Thank you so much. Truly, acceptance is the ultimate.

      Love ❤ and hugs xoxo

  2. Oprah Dee

    Every 6 Events were some now targeted at me o Chika. Cos I lost someone close to me just few months ago. Then I’m a bit ill now. All things I never planned. I have seen friends come and go, and yes love definitely. Sleep is also part of nature mahnn. It can be unexpected but I keep wanting to not sleep. Funny huh?!

    Omorrr. You write beautifully Chika. And I can’t wait for just one snow drop in Naija lol

    • chiqj

      Girl. I’m glad this content resonated with you. God is great. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that on good time those memories would no longer be dating but would bring a smile to your face. Thank you for your kind words and I pray this snow falls in our generation. *laughs*

      Keep Winning Oprah. Love and hugs xoxo

  3. Ayoola

    This was a good read I enjoyed it I hope you were able to get home in good time on that rainy day?

    • chiqj

      Thank you so much. Yes I got home that day, although very late. Thank you for your thoughtful words. Love xoxo

  4. emmanuella

    Hmm, I love this topic o and yes I love love too.
    The unexpected thing that happened to me is the path my career took last year. Very grateful BTW.

    You see ph? I don leave una commot🤣🤣

    • chiqj

      Thats a good one Ella. A fruitful career can make ones life beautiful. And I can’t to hear your love story *winks* Thank you for been so supportive. Kisses xoxo

  5. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Lolzz.. U will fart at the bus and pretend not to got me laughing
    We can’t cheat nature no matter what
    Happy new year my fellow readers and viewers

    • chiqj

      Hahaha… a little laugh won’t hurt. Thank you for reading through.

      Love xoxo

  6. Seun

    Loved reading this, the flow, the content and the structure was really good chika. Loved your points too. About that love being unexpected mehnnnnn, personally o, I am running away from that now… (make I get myself first) loooool…

    • Chinwe

      😂😂😂😂😂 I came to laugh and i found the comment that did it

    • chiqj

      😂🤣😂😂 see the way Seun is running from love? Haha. Don’t worry it would still find you. Thank you for the complement and kind words. It means a lot

      Hugs xoxo

  7. BIM😎💙

    Wow, just wow… I love this Chika. I mean Death is one unexpected thing that happened to me last year, Omo the thing shake me no be small. But las las we go dey alright.
    Love😍😍😍 oh Love, I love love. This year I even my year😌😂.
    My wins big or small, I’d always be grateful.

    Thank you Chika😎💙💙

    • chiqj

      I love your affirmation of gratitude. Its so admirable. Im sorry for your loss Bins. Its sad and painful. But I can assure you that in time you’d heal completely.

      I’m praying for you. Hugs and kisses xoxo

  8. Nwogwugwu lkechukwu Sylvanus

    Oh that’s a fantabulous piece, keep it up, it’s sure blessed so many a people, kudos and congratulations, Ada nde Ngwa.

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