Top 5 Most Profitable Writing Niches you can make 7 figures as a writer 

Most profitable writing niches

To make 7 figures as a writer is no small feat but to some writers, it is easily attainable because they are in the most profitable writing niches and have established themselves as seasoned writers in the niche of their choice. 

I’m sure you must have heard the common phrase “Struggling Author” but what is even more common is the realities of a struggling writer. 

The writing industry is an already oversaturated industry that anywhere you go whether offline or online, you’d meet thousands of writers. I bet you already have tens and hundreds of writers in your contact list presently. 

This is to tell you how large of an industry Writing is and this often translates to a lot of writers struggling to finish their book, struggling to publish, to get high-paying clients, struggling to survive on their current writing gig, and not making enough to solve their basic needs. 

Often this is because most writers focus on publishing a book and neglect other parts of writing. This doesn’t mean that becoming a published author is bad, in fact, it is the absolute best achievement for any writer. But while writers work on their books, they forget they can also explore other most profitable writing niches to improve their income and also assist them to make 7 figures as writers. 

In my 6 years as a professional writer in Nigeria, I have met several kinds of writers but there is one thing that is common among them – Income. 

Dare, my good friend is also one of them. Very talented and hardworking but spent last year pretending he only wanted to write for passion, only for him to open up to me last month, that he was tired and wanted more. I laughed out loud, but of course, I also showed him how to get more by letting him know of the most lucrative writing niches he can make 7 figures as a writer and taught him a few of my secrets from my 8 years of writing experience. 

If you are like Dare, then you may want to pay close attention to these 5 most profitable writing niches I’m going to share as they may lie the secrets to transforming your life from a struggling writer to a high-paying writer. 

Here are the 5 Most Profitable Writing Niches you can make 7 figures as a writer. 

5. Creative Writing 

Creative writing is considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or nonfiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, and technical forms of writing. Creative writing is any writing written with creativity at its forefront. This is why I love creative writing, it has no set of rules like academia, essays, etc. It is not boxed up by old rules. It gives room for new ideas to get the message passed across. 

Creative writing asks “How far can your mind go? Or how weird can you be in your imagination?”  It is a way for people to express themselves in new and exciting ways. 

But there is a part of Creative writing only a few people know. Bring your ear closer. 

Creative Writing is the market in the jungle called Writing. 

If there are 1 billion writers in the world, there are 800 million creative writers. 

Okay, don’t be scared, I know what you are thinking. 

You are thinking, “If creative writing is this overcrowded, why then is it on the list of most profitable writing niches?” 

Let me indulge you…

Firstly, while there are a lot of writers who identify themselves as creative writers who are struggling, creative writing presents more opportunities for writers to explore than any other writing niche. As a creative writer, you can write short stories for individuals, you can write books for clients who don’t have the time, you can convert news to creative stories for blogs, you can be a brand storyteller for big companies, you can turn staunch copies into creative promotional materials for brands marketing teams, you can write fiction and non-fiction stories, etc. And these services require you to be paid a large amount of money. You can read more on how to price your services here as a writer. 

Secondly, creative writing is a lucrative writing niche for both beginner writers and professional writers. The average pay for creative writers is $500. This price may vary depending on the volume of work, the experience you’ve gathered and your level of expertise. As a creative writer myself, there’s no reason why you won’t start earning respectfully once you build your creative writing skills and show off those skills in your portfolio or online presence. 

4. Copywriting 

Copywriting is another most lucrative writing niche you can make 7 figures as a writer. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something but you may not even realize it!

Unlike walking into a shop where you’re bombarded by a salesman or saleswoman trying to convince you to purchase something, (like my Aba brothers) everyday advertising is subtle and uses emotional connection and storytelling with words to draw you in. This is copywriting!

As a copywriter you are paid to write copies that entice readers to take action — in other words, copywriters write the words used for marketing products and/or services. You are at the forefront of the communication between brands and their consumers.

It might seem like you’re writing for the companies who pay you, but these aren’t your real audience. You’re writing for the customers, website visitors, or other people who will be reading your final copy.  

As a copywriter, you can write sales copies, sales pitches, email campaigns, TV campaigns, video marketing scripts, sponsored ads, product adverts, website product descriptions, social media copies, and blog marketing posts, for organizations, companies or individual clients. 

Copywriting is such a profitable writing niche that I know of copywriters who have earned $1000 from a single web copy that is not even up to 500 words from Nigeria. Elna Cain, my favourite copywriter, earns above $80 per word from a single copy. And it is not such a hard skill to learn and you can register here to learn. 

Understanding your audience, and how to connect with them, is critical to writing effective marketing materials. This way you’d soon be on your way to make 7 figures as a writer and more. 

3. Business Writing

Business Writing is one of the most profitable writing niches because writing for business is the process of communicating business ideas and concepts through written words. The aim of this kind of writing is to persuade and inform.  Business writing is used to effectively communicate business dealings with individuals, organizations, and companies within and outside your scope of work. 

Business writing is a type of writing that is used in a professional setting. 

This is a type of writing that enables a reader to know or do something. Communication in business writing can happen internally within the organization and between staff, or externally to customers or partners. 

Business writing must be logical, well-ordered and written in concise, clear, engaging language that is grammatically correct. It is a purposeful piece of writing that conveys relevant information to the reader. 

Writers specialising in this niche can earn from writing client proposals, business brochures, company profiles, reports, memos, emails, and notices. 

2. Web3 Technical Writing

Web 3 is a word that has been making waves in the last 2 years and you’ve probably heard of it and have wondered what it entails. Let me simplify it for you. 

Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web which is the internet. During the 19s and early 20s, we used Web 1.0. Currently, what we are using is Web 2.0. Hence, Web3 is the new Web 3.0. It is a work in progress comprising the next generation of the internet which encompasses users’ control of their data and this internet is built on cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Web3 is the new era of the internet that heavily includes decentralization, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology etc. Web3 is a new level of technology and as such is one of the most profitable writing niches to make 7 figures as a writer. 

Technical writing alone is a highly lucrative niche but specializing in Web3 technical writing opens you to a broader and newer digital ecosystem that explores present-day technology. 

Web3 technical writers are in high demand presently because, in the current digital environment, web3 technical writing is gaining significance as an increasing number of businesses and organizations embrace web3 technologies.

As web3 technologies influence the future of multiple industries, the need for writers proficient in explaining and discussing these complex topics is on the rise.

So writers who are skilled in this niche will never lack clients and will be able to build a successful writing career from this niche. 

1. Research/Academic Writing 

Research writing is the most profitable writing niche as it involves sharing your ideas on a particular topic and aligning them with evidence and sources. In research writing, you digest knowledge from other sources, organize it thoroughly and use it to feed your work. 

Research writing is academic writing that is bound by the rules of academic writing. In writing a research paper, you must follow the academic standard of reviewing, analysing, and interpreting the topic and its findings. 

Throughout their academic and professional careers, individuals conduct research projects to address particular questions, share their discoveries with others, and contribute their knowledge to the advancement of the issue. And most of them do not have the time to do the work so they hire Research writers to assist them in writing the research paper.  

Because research writing is time-consuming, rigorous, and meticulous, writers who are excellent in research and academic writing are paid huge sums to write a research paper. The average research writer earns around $10 to $50 per hour, and $5000 to $10,000 per project, making this niche a lucrative one. 

To Get Started? 

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with these most profitable writing niches, the next thing is to pick one or two and start building the writing skills necessary to succeed in that niche. This requires learning from reputable coaches ( you can sign up for our “Write Like a Pro” writing workshop to learn these skills) available at your disposal. 

If you are already proficient in writing for any of these niches, you can start marketing yourself on social media or freelance sites. This would help you showcase your skills and secure writing gigs 


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