The best plot twist of all time; life.

Okay guys I’m back again after drinking my caprisonne

Remember that your favorite TV series and movie?

The one that kept you awake all night. The one that ruined your perfectly planned out schedule. The one that soaked your pillow with tears. The one that left you pumped to face the giant of the day. The one that brought out the hopeless romantic in you.

How did you feel about the plot twist in that movie/show? Because I’m sure 90% of those shows and movies had a plot twist that shook your nerves and left your brain spinning or even made you angry.

Let’s look at Game of thrones.

Game of thrones is still the best series the universe has ever produced. An Epic show that this world would never recover from, even generations to come.
Yet having one of the greatest plot twist in the history of TV.

To some it left them disappointed, to people like me, it left us ecstatic. Some wailed and fainted. People like me were left satisfied and calm.

Why? You may ask. Well, I’m coming to that…

Let’s also look at The Prodigal Son.

Personally, the prodigal son is the best modern crime investigative show I’ve ever seen since the birth of the likes of NCIS, Nikita etc. Like the name says, its a story of the complicated relationship between a father and the son. And how the sins of a father can affect the children.
Yet this show came with a deep plot twist in its first season that left everyone dumbfounded.

To some it left them eager, since there is more seasons to come. To others it was shocking because they never expected something like that to happen.

Now you may still ask Why?

Because nothing in life comes without a plot twist. Absolutely nothing plays out exactly the way you planned it to be or exactly the way you desired it to be.

And the reason why some get disappointed and others get excited is because;

  1. Those who get disappointed are those who put all their expectation in their plan. Those who expect life to move on like its been controlled by a remote control. They drown in the thought that everything would be perfect and when it doesn’t end up that way, they end up destroying their life because they can’t handle the result of the plot twist.
  2. Those who get excited are those who have realized that nothing in life is mushy mushy. Not everything is as beautiful as roses in spring. People who know that a little kick can change everything and, they accept it like that and move on.

How can you brace yourself for life’s plot twist or handle it when it comes.

  1. By letting it sink that life is a fusion of small wins, big losses, big wins and small losses
  2. By accepting that expecting perfection is deadly and unrealistic.
  3. When that plan doesn’t go well, there is always another plan that would work. When that person doesn’t end up been in a position to help you, there is always another person who may come up. When you end up not meeting that deadline, there is always another one to be met.
  4. When one thing doesn’t give you the satisfaction you desire, something else will, only if you keep moving.

Just like you met new pot holes on your way to work today that wasn’t there yesterday, yet you still reached your destination, so also that plot twist may surprise you but it would not predict your result as long as you choose not to let it.

As you expect perfection, also give room for twists alongside so you don’t end up crying forever.

How could you expect that because Jon was the bastard son and has the blood of the targarian that he would be the king. And think that they would give you that. No. That’s something we’ve known since. Its too predictable. Too simple. Jon was too soft to rule the seven kingdoms

They gave us something bigger.

The greatest power came back to the Stark family.

All the kingdoms had a stark in power. That is more than enough.

Life is unpredictable and full of twists. Adjust as you go and move fast.

Are you energized to face the twists that life throws at you? Share your thoughts in the comment below.


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