“Use confidence to get the end result of your game.” A voice whispered to me

“Use confidence to get the end result of your game.”I heard again

“Use confidence….” I woke up startled and looked around. No one was there. I listened if I would hear mummy’s voice but after waiting for a few seconds I heard nothing.

“Use confidence…” I was repeating the words i heard in soft mumbles, when it sank in. “Oh my God.” I muttered. It was not a man’s voice. It was Gods.

I became instantly alert. I kept repeating those words because I didn’t want to forget them. I was happy and perplexed. I was happy because I had been too distracted lately that it was hard to hear his gentle whispers and I was perplexed because for the first time in a long time, I woke up to the voice of God. It was not just his revelations in my dreams, or his scripture in my mouth. It was his voice pushing me up and leaving we with words on my mouth and head, never to be forgotten.

I didn’t know what else to do. I stood up and kept wondering what he was trying to say. To use confidence.

He was telling me to use confidence. Confidence was an answer to the result I was seeking.

I turned to look at the time and realized I had less time on my hands. I needed to go to work this morning. And cook before that.

So by seven fifteen I was in the kitchen preparing pasta for work. And my head wasn’t in one place.
My hands may have been chopping the onion but my head was thinking on how much of what God said was true.

I was lacking confidence. I wasn’t confident enough to talk to some clients I hoped to have. I wasn’t confident enough to open up about my feelings. I wasn’t confident enough to share something I have been keeping to myself for a long time. I recognized there was a shit load of things I wasn’t confident about even when I pretend I was. I bet everyone in the world thinks Chika is the most confident and bold person they’ve ever met. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Now you know I’m not.

These words may also be for you.
If I’m battling with the same thing and God decided to jolt me up with his voice like a bolt of lightening, then I’m sure one person here, also needs to hear this if not more. Which is why I decided to share it with you, my babies.

You may have everything but be lacking in confidence. Which may be the only reason why you haven’t gotten the result you desire.

Confidence pushes you to tread on the path of the unknown and gives you victory.
Confidence sees only strengths not weakness.
Confidence walks you into the road of uncertainties and yields results for you.
Confidence drives you into rough ridges and bumps and still takes you to your destination.

If confidence is what is lacking then start using it. Ask God for the grace. Believe that you can and act on it. Trust your efforts and don’t let anyone look down on it. Remind yourself that you are the best.

You’ve grinded, you’ve hustled, you’ve prayed, you’ve put everything in place, now its time you use confidence to end the game and get your result.

If the voice of God isn’t enough motivation and direction for you, then I don’t know what else would.

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  1. Ann

    I believe this was for me… Thanks for sharing ☺️

  2. ini Edinyang

    Thank you baby…We receive the word of the Lord….

  3. Enebeli ogochukwu sophia

    We all need that confidence
    Thanks for sharing

    • chiqj

      Yes we definitely do need it. You are welcome my friend. Thank you

  4. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Sure confidence matters Alot in life… Buh what about the pasta na, u confidently ate it without calling me okwoya # winks… Chi you are doing well, keep d good work

    • chiqj

      Hahaha.. Eh God oh! Now I’m officially owing Kingsley a plate of pasta. And it was so delicious *winks* Thank you for always been here. Love and hugs xoxo

      • Ndinechi Kingsley

        Keep soaring high nwanne

  5. Trinity

    Niece piece darling…thank u so much,we sure need to be confident …

    • chiqj

      Thank you so much Chi. I truly hope Confidence speaks for you. Love xoxo

  6. Adaeze

    Pastor David Ibiyeomie always says “what God does for one, He does for all”. I said this because it just happened that the same time you heard God’s voice about needing and using confidence, was the same time I started having a nudge in my heart about also needing and using confidence for everything; I mean to seal that deal, that breakthrough etc. Thanks for sharing ❤

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