1 thing could ruin that perfectly planned out date

He kept talking nonstop that at some point he didn’t know when few grains of rice fell off from his mouth to the table.

He realized what happened and silently prayed that she didn’t notice and went on

“Oh, God!” She almost fainted when she saw what happened and couldn’t stop the irritation that appeared on her face. She just kept quiet, faced her plate, and waited for this date to come to an end.

They continued having light conversations while she was eating with her fork and knife. Even though she wasn’t used to eating that way. She used her knife to slice through the Chicken on her plate and tried holding it with the fork when the Chicken flew up, hit her forehead, and fell on the floor far beside their table.

The room feels silent as everyone turned to their direction. All eyes were on her oil-stained forehead and the Chicken on the floor (laughs). Some tried to hide their laugher others couldn’t.

She covered her face in shame and didn’t know which direction to face. The embarrassment was just too much to handle.
“So much for a perfect date”. She mumbled.

Grabbed her bag and left with face down as people’s gazes followed her to the door.

After getting all your feedback on our last post on genotype I realized that some people in relationships have no idea about their partner’s genotype. It can be as a result of ignorance and nonchalant ness and it can also be as a result of blindness.

Blinded by the unrealistic assumption we have of them and more receptive to the perfect side they portrayed.

Yes! When we like someone we accept whatever we see and react positively to it. We cling to the perfect perception we have of them than anything else may not matter at the moment.

When they open their mouth and we hear how smooth and neat their English is, we also become forced to be like them and try to speak adequately as well that we end up ruining everything in the process.

Madam/ Oga stick to your pidgin or local dialect if that’s what you know how to speak.

When you see how handsomely dressed he looks, you try to look sophisticated as well by wearing a very tight gown and long heels, that your zip may get broken and you end up ruining your ankle.

And if she’s looking so stylish and chic, you go and wear the fine shoe that you stopped wearing years ago because you had outgrown it. Afterwards you come back with more pain and blisters all over your foot.

You trade your comfortability for barely what you think the other person is; Someone with no shortcomings.

Stop making unrealistic assumptions.

It’s because of those assumptions that your new relationship comes to an end even before it starts.

Because she’s looking so fresh, you think she can’t fart, or get messy. And because he is in money, you think he’d have table manners and eat like a king.

Those things are just what you see on upfront and they are unrealistic.

You focus on that and forget that there are other crucial things to talk about when you first meet, like dreams, purpose, faith, family, health, genotype etc

The more vital things you neglect because of your unrealistic presumptions, the more you destroy your chances of making things work.

Let your personality be on full display from the moment you get talking with the other person.

Let your true self do the talking. And don’t let the other person think that you’re not expressing your true self.

Be real.

Because assumptions can ruin it even before it begins.

P/S – One time I kept trying to form Queens English while on a date since the guy was speaking so well that I eventually gave up and switched to pidgin. Laughs

Drop a comment and tell me some of those things you’ve done just to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your date.


  1. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Lolz.. At times too much expection ruins some one happiness, my experience was this, earlier this month I went to train with my formal team, after the training I was informed sharply that tomorrow they are having match that am invited, on the day of the match too much expection on me. Making me to lost concentration to God be the glory it ended a draw game which I missed a free header.. Which dey criticise me for, moral lesson : No body is perfect

  2. chiqj

    Exactly. There’s nothing else left to say. You have said it finish. Thank you. Hugs xoxo

  3. Bright Duweni

    Just be yourself. Las Las that’s all that matters…

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