35 years old and still young and foolish

Bella was so excited, she couldn’t believe her luck, the hottest boy in the area found her sexy and even told her so. Afterward, things got a little steamy between them and they did it. Yes! They did it. She was so ecstatic and it kept going on until now.
She was sobbing uncontrollably as her parents looked disappointed.

“Why did you do this Bella? Why?”. They shook their head in bitter shock.

” I’m s…o…rr…y mom. I didn’t know this would happen. I was young and foolish”. She cried.

Bella was now a pregnant fifteen-year-old Nigerian. Big deal right? Blame it on being “young and foolish”.

Ben always came home wasted each night. He wanted to be the coolest guy and was always showing off. This time he was headstrong about going to the party. No one wanted to go through the stress of stopping him, as long as he came back on time, which he never did. This time while drinking and partying, he unintentionally spilled drinks on another boy and ruined his cloth.

” How dare you”. The boy said angrily and pushed Ben on the chest. Ben didn’t say sorry nor give an apology. He was simply too proud to do so. Instead he pushed the guy back and before we knew it a fight broke out.
In seconds fists were flying everywhere, punches were thrown, necks were strangled, bottles we’re broken on people’s head and blood became evident.

The sound of the siren brought everyone back to reality and ten minutes later Ben was in a prison cell.

The other boy was in the hospital battling with a head injury thanks to Ben.

“Look at the kind of mess you’ve caused”, His parents scolded at the station, “Now a young boy is fighting for his life”. They looked away too ashamed to look at their son.

” I’m sorry dad. I didn’t know things would go out of hand. I guess I was been young and foolish”. He said sadly

As usual he blames it on being young and foolish. Luckily for him the other boy survived but now he had a record.


Uncle now that you are grown up, are you still grabbing girls’ ass because you think you can do anything you feel like doing?

Or still, coming to woo her with that your alcohol smelling mouth just because you know you have a handsome face and some change in your pocket?

Maybe you’re still carrying your shoulder upper than the God who created you.

And you aunty, are you still allowing those your so-called friends to dictate your life. Even when their company is only ruining your life.

Or I guess you’re still using a huge chunk of your finances on the best dress, makeup, hair, etc, and nothing for your family and future.

Maybe you are also belittling that your neighbor just because you think he is nothing and you’re the mother of dragons.

You’re still insulting and disrespecting anyone that does even a little thing to you like matching your toe.

You may hate hearing this, but you were young and foolish but now you’re old and stupid.

Still making the same poor choices you made then.

It saddens me to see young men and women finding it difficult to be the adult they claim to be.

Which is another proof that adulthood is just adulthood.

Not in age nor in youth but in Wisdom.

With wisdom you know what should be given importance to, how to talk to people, how to live your life to the fullest.

Wisdom is how to do what you know.

And it’s in the ‘how‘ that we make poor choices.

Yes I know we all have weaknesses and habits, however bad if may be it is necessary we journey in life with the basic etiquette of handling ourselves and other people.

If you’re still in your thirties or fifties and still foolish, receive sense to be wise. And if you’re young and foolish, also receive sense to be wise.

Okay I’m done shaking this table. Bye. *laughs*

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  1. Bright Duweni

    The thing is that we just have to work on ourselves, if not eeeehhh we’d be as nonchalant no matter the age….

    • chiqj

      Yes Bright. No matter the age. Thanks for stopping by. Love ❤️and hugs xoxo

  2. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Is so funny how youth of nowadays ignore the ways of God, forgotten that the the spiritual controls the physical. So we all need the help of the Holy Spirit of God… For it is written there is a way that seemed right to a man but the end of it is destruction, may God help us all

  3. chiqj

    You just brought another light to it. Our spiritual growth supersedes all. Thank you kingsley

  4. Chidinma

    Wow…… Dat was really a food for thought.
    Something everyone should take a pause and have a long rethink.

    More wisdom to u swthrt…………

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