Can you see the light afterward? The rebirth.

It feels like I just came down from a tall mountain.

Whoop!! It’s so good to be back guys!!

What did I miss? My ears are waiting to hear all the juicy stuff that happened while I was gone.

In the meantime I have a feeling you have a million things to say about the pandemic and even when you don’t plan to, it still jumps right into every conversation one way or another.

It’s okay. We can’t really turn a blind eye to what is happening around us but there is something you can do for me…

That is where my comeback word is for you.

Take a minute away from the chaos and take a glance at the aftermath.
Can you do that quickly?

When all is done and over with when the lockdown has been lifted up when the infected have recovered and when there’s an end to the isolation. When the doors are open and everyone is free to step out for the first time in a long time, what do you see?


The light that comes with this new beginning. You’ll meet a world that has gone through fire and survived. You’ll be blown by the wind of humanity by a world that has held the hands of others. You’ll be shocked at how massive the changes awaiting us would be. Because now…now the world and everyone standing at the forefront of power knows that what we need are people who can stand in this world in all seasons.

The world would be in need of problem solvers, thinkers, those blessed with the art and skill to position themselves in a place of economic solutions.

This reshuffled world would be the rebirth the common man who has nothing but skills and zeal would be blessed with.

Those who can bring order and practicality to the world are what the leaders would look for.

When that time comes where would you be?

Would you still be hiding in a corner afraid to show what you’ve got, or would you be too comfortable to face the rough road to success awaiting you? It’s okay if that’s what you want.
But for me here are three things ill do; befriend time, prepare and reposition.

Time – Time is a rare blessing now. Befriend it. Time for your person. For you alone. For your soul. To look deep into those dreams that lay dead. To heal whatever part of you that has been broken or weak and to continue whatever it is you couldn’t finish in the past because you didn’t have time. The time is now.

Prepare – Drown in the place of preparation. Remember those plans you had, those ideas that came up. Start working on them. Sharpen your sword. Do more of what you’re doing, learn more skills if it would make you the best at what you’re doing. Prepare now.

Reposition – Reposition yourself to a place of Advantage. If you are disadvantaged at your present position then make a decision that would bring you to the open. Come out of your shell. Start doing what you’re doing. Spread your art, business, brand, God’s word. Make noise if it would make you noticed. Don’t stay hidden. This rebirth would color those who have repositioned themselves properly.

See the light and do well to start now.

Drop a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, plus everything going on here that i may have missed

All my Love.

Stay safe.


  1. Sandra

    Yes I can see the light. Thanks for being so kind to remind us again. Those three words has changed my life.

    • chiqj

      Wow!! I’m so glad it did. You’re amazing. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. ini Edinyang

    Without mincing words, this is an intelligent and insightful piece of work.Welldone darling

  3. Adaeze

    This is sooo insightful… Weldon girlie

  4. Enebeli Ogochukwu Sophia

    Nice piece my friend
    Very correct at this time

    More grace to do more my dear

  5. Aida Tamal

    Very apt. Not lengthy, precise and straight to the point.

    Lovely piece babes.
    By the way…it feels so good to have you and our blog back.
    (I know I owe you stories.
    No worry, I go give you story you go beg me to stop.)

    In the mean time, don’t stop being amazing. Inspire us more with your writings.
    God bless you.

    • chiqj

      Aww ❤ I feel so good after hearing those words. Thanks babes

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