GUEST POST : The love walk; My first time in a five star hotel

This is a compelling story that made me laugh as much as it made me think a lot. There’s a smart question at the end of this story. I still don’t know the answer to the question so maybe you’ll help me by answering it after reading this story

My featured guest writer this week is; Ewenla Olabanji.

BIOLiving a purposeful life and maximizing life’s gifts is the major thing that drives Ewenla Olabanji and everything he does.
He believes our world would be a much better place if more people are living in their purpose – doing what they are meant to do with their lives and also maximizing everything life has got to offer.

This is his core purpose – to help people develop the right mindset so they can utilize their potentials, maximize life’s gifts and fulfill their life’s purpose.

He is a budding entrepreneur, a life coach in training & a musician.

You can message him
On Instagram – @eolabanjisamuel
Facebook – Olabanji Ewenla

Here’s what Olabanji says;

So am just going to briefly share a long story that may be all you need to face this year.

I remember vividly that Sunday on the 27th of August 2017, it was a Sunday like every other Sunday; I had gone to church early in the morning, did my duties on the piano keyboard as a musician and gone back home to rest. However one thing was different, I was going to be attending a business meeting that evening for the first time in my life at one of the best hostels in Lagos (Sheraton Hotel & Towers)

Interestingly, I didn’t even know why I was been invited but I decided to attend, majorly because it would be my first time in Sheraton Hotel. winks*

I was nervous and at the same time excited like a young man going out on a first date with his first love.

The friend who invited me was a lady so I guess that was probably another reason why I was nervous & excited.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced that strong feeling of excitement born out of curiosity because you didn’t know what was going to happen or what to expect? That was the feeling I felt.

Fast forward some hours later, I arrived at the Hotel a little bit late and the meeting was about to get started; I couldn’t meet my friend who invited me, neither could I even enjoy the breathtaking interiors of the hotel; I just rushed into the hall as i was directed to, got myself a seat somewhere in the middle as the presentation was about to begin.

To cut the long story short, the 3hrs of that evening on 27th of August 2017 brought me into another phase of my life – when I got home later that night after the meeting I couldn’t really sleep.

Today Monday, 17th of January, 2020 makes it about 28 months after that whole evening experience.
I look back at the past 2years and i am amazed by how much my life has changed from that one event of 3hrs; only people who knew me before that Sunday may be able to share the tremendous transformation that has occurred in my life.

Looking forward, as we are all prepping to live life in 2020 and the next decade, one of the things we can do for ourselves is to be open to surprises life will launch at us – either good or bad; everything that can change your life for good or for bad can happen in just few hours, few minutes or even few seconds.
In most cases, you won’t recognize the changes as at the time they are occurring until months or even years later.

A lot of things will happen this year and over the next decade; be open minded to opportunities and challenges; be sensitive to changes; be mindful of times and seasons; be careful in dealing with people; watch and pray.

If you are open to surprises whether good or bad, you will grow through the experience of whatever it is.
It may not be easy, it may not make sense initially, it won’t be logical – your mind might not comprehend the situation; however because you are open you will give yourself the privilege to grow from the experience.

This is my testimony from that Sunday evening on the 27th of August, 2017. I have grown a whole lot from that experience; I am becoming a better person, I have met incredibly amazing people like Chika Jonah, I have made more money, I have done things I never imagined before then I could do, I have been to places I never imagine I could be.

Has it been easy … NO!
Has it been worth it … DEFINITELY YES!!!
And am eternally grateful to God for giving me the privilege of the experience.

PS: I wish I could share with you the whole experience but time and space would not permit me to.
However, if there is one thing you should know at this point is that: the lady is now married and I am partially single. *laughs*

Please permit me to ask this question, if you are open minded you’ll get the answer easily.

The short story I shared in the post, do you think its a love story, an heartbreak story, a business story, a life story or a story I just made up?

Please I would really love to hear your responses

Thank you very much.


  1. Tumininu Adesina

    Lol… One thing I’m certain about the story is that you didn’t make it up… It’s a life story with great lessons that may have some iota of an heartbreak in it. (Hope the lady wasn’t IBK?.. Lol.

    • chiqj

      😂😂😂 I also hope she wasn’t so oh… Thank you for the kind words Adesina and for stopping by. I’m glad you got something from it. Love and hugs xoxo

    • Olabanji Ewenla

      Hahaha no it isn’t IBK ooo…. Its been awhile I saw IBK too
      Though you tried with attempting the question – you were partially right😂
      Its a life story but there was no iota of breakup ooo😂😂😂

      Thank you very much for reading & commenting🙏

  2. Ann

    If you should ask me…
    I’ll say it’s a life story🤔
    It might be something you integrate, patch it up to make meaning…
    But it definitely happens. I don’t know if you’re getting my point.
    In life one encounters series of events making up one’s life… It mustn’t happen to you, but its something that actually happen in real life and few of us must have experienced it.

    • chiqj

      Oh wow!!! So its a life story then for you. Olabanji would have to give us an answer. Let’s hope you got it right. Thank you Ann. Love and hugs ❤ xoxo

    • Olabanji Ewenla

      Yea you are correct – it is a life story. A personal experience I had that I can’t begin to share the full details.
      Thank you so much.

  3. Ebijanded

    Great piece. It’s a life story. Something anyone can relate with.

    Keep living a purposeful life.

    • chiqj

      Wow!! Your confidence is remarkable. Thank you for your generous words. Love xoxo

    • Olabanji Ewenla

      Thank you very much.
      You are super correct!!!!

  4. Fiwa

    I was actually smiling while reading this article because it’s an experience I can relate with, lol.
    I will say it’s a life story. Change is truly scary but the only way to move forward is to fight the monster ahead of us.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Olabanji

      Fiwaaaaa oooo😄
      I like this your phrase – “Change is truly scary but the only way to move forward is to fight the monster ahead of us.”
      Thank you thank you & yes you are right its a life story👏

    • chiqj

      Such kind words. And true indeed. Thank you for stopping by. Love and hugs xoxo

  5. Aida Tamal

    Hmm mm. …well, I think it’s a story bothering on situations of life which you may have experienced directly or indirectly using that bussness meeting to set the pace for you which gave you a new birth.

    I think I would also want to relate your foresight to present events as they unfold everyday, drawing from the motivations you afore saw and gave to “be strong to handle whatever may come be it good or bad and more especially to watch and pray”. Indeed, we really are in perilous times.

    (My word!!!…I hope I made sense?)

    • chiqj

      You made a bunch of sense. You understood the message he wanted to pass perfectly. Well done dear

  6. Olabanji Ewenla

    Reading this now even though I wrote it 5months back sure gives me some chills – I could never have imagined when I was writing this last year that COVID-19 would happen and the world would be where it is now.
    This statement from the writeup sure got to me again even though they are my words;
    “A lot of things will happen this year and over the next decade; be open-minded to opportunities and challenges; be sensitive to changes; be mindful of times and seasons; be careful in dealing with people; watch and pray.”

    Thank You Chika for making me write this back then

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