Happy Anniversary to me! I love you.

Woke up this morning to this guys

At first i was like “Oh! Okay One year already?”….then when it sank in i screamed.

Hell yeah! Its one year of blogging. One whole year with this amazing WordPress community

One year of not actually knowing what the hell I’m doing here. Surprised? Please don’t be because its the truth.

Every time i write a blog post and get ready to publish, the next thing out of my mouth is always; “this is lame, who wrote this?”
“Nobody is going to bother glancing through this blog”.
“I’m not even sure I’m making sense but ill post anyways”
“Shit! Did i just post that?”
“Oh God, this title is wack!”
“Why is English so damn hard?”
“Where should i put the apostrophe?”

Because i know I’m just a digital pen that just writes, without having an idea of what is actually been written down. And then i slip into a corner and hide.

The notification sound is what brings me out of that dark corner of uncertainty. That sound that tells me someone appreciates me for sharing my story. Someone relates with my pain. Someone must have shared in my sorrow. Someone has experienced what i have. Someone is sharing in my faith. Someone is taking out time to pray for me. Someone sees that i am doing my best.

That gives me the greatest relief and satisfaction because you are the important ones.

You bring life to my post
You engage in each post
You keep this blog alive
You spend your time here reading what a young girl who doesn’t know a thing writes.
And for that i say a big thank you.

You make it worthwhile. And i love you

I love each and everyone of you in WordPress.
I love you all my friends and family.
I love you all my readers.
I would be blind to this without you. I love love love love you.

“Pass me that glass of wine and lets celebrate. Cheers!”

Say a toast for me in the comment section, if you like and lets continue in the sharing of new and fruitful beginnings. It would mean a lot to me.

So in the spirit of this anniversary I’m giving out five ebooks; two Christian novels, two business books to help you kick start your business in 2020, and one inspirational book. These are books that transformed my thinking, gave me insight on business and restored my faith in God and humanity.

To get these books, follow me by hitting the FOLLOW button below and drop your email in the comment section. And also tell me what you expect from me in the coming year.


  1. Bright Duweni

    You have done well, you are doing well rather… Weh done dear… This is a toast to more years of impacting lives through your blog posts… God bless u

  2. Ann

    Congratulations dear. Happy blogging anniversary to you ❤️

  3. Etima akpabio

    Congratulations dear ,nice work

  4. Anthony Olaitan

    Hmm… God bless you dear

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