Stretch your brain. You may just become the next best inventor.

Welcome to the month of November. Enjoy the bliss and opportunities that comes with this month. God’s got you.

And God’s got me too cuz I’m a proud Scorpio 😊

Back to today’s post

I was taking a walk last night and a car swiftly passed me by; yeah! You’ll say after all there are cars everywhere. But don’t worry, i know that. This one was different, the whole scene was like i was watching the Nigerian version of Fast and Furious 😂 and it totally surprised me.

The next thing that came out of my mouth was “oh my God! Did man really create that?” It was a question i knew the answer to. Of course it was a man and not a spirit.

I was in awe. Then i thought of planes of robots and of every single invention that is in existence to help mankind solve a problem. And each and every one of them was invented by a man, a mortal man.

And each of these inventions starts with an idea.

An idea that God puts in our head. He creates a picture in our mind. That this should be done. That this is going to satisfy a need and be the solution to our basic life problems. Then why the hell are people like you and me not making use of our brains? I ask.

The people who create amazing things out of an idea are no different from us. We are all the same. The difference is they see that there is a need to bring more to the table. So they stretch their brains, they search their minds for a seed. A seed that would bear fruits.

The truth is there is no end to what our mind can achieve.

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. The bible says.

There is no end to what we can do. There is no end to what our brain can actually achieve in seconds. If only we can just think out side our comfortability.

While we’re thinking of eating pizza, someone else out there is thinking of creating a new flavor of pizza, (possibly mushroom pizza) to satisfy your need and probably be the best producer of mushroom pizza.

Don’t just focus on what you want but how you want it. And that is the cue to start focusing on your mind because your mind is capable of doing the impossible.

The realization that stretching your brain can give you ideas beyond you is a huge blessing. In this day and era nothing is truly impossible.

Lets think beyond infinity, beyond limitations. There’s no full stop the things we can achieve.

You remember in school when the teacher writes a maths problem on the board to be solved. Your face changes because it looks hard and you reluctantly decide to try it. And when he marks your paper and gives you a ten/ten and a big “very good” sign; you immediately scream for joy because you feel fulfilled for having passed a difficult question. That is the kind of fulfillment that comes when we use our mind. When we stretch our brains. When our brains begin to unlock doors we never thought we could. When we begin to find keys we thought were missing.

I shouldn’t have wondered about all this in the first place because God has made us just as he is. He has made us so powerful. So limitless. So lets start now and start making good use of our thinking capabilities. Lets start opening the doors of ideas , of opportunities And start acting of them

What was the last idea you had? If you threw them away or shoved them aside, then I’m sorry! But you’ve just lost a million dollar idea.


  1. This is definitely an excellent write up🔥
    You really hit the nail on the head💯
    Everything in our world started from an idea – so that means anything we can see in our minds is a possibility😄
    Wonderfully well, we are capable of anything we see in our minds & are willing to push through with our heart & soul.

    Thanks for sharing this🙏

    • Thank you for the kind words Banjhie. I’m glad you can relate to this. And i love that you added anything we see in our mind and are willing to push through with our heart and soul. Thanks for reading. Love and hugs xox ❤

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