Hey guys I’m super grateful for everyone who responded to the reinvention post and those who also took out time to engage in the task i shared. I hope your process has given you the answer you so desire.

Okay lets begin today’s post

Trust the process – A statement I’ve been hearing for the past forty eight hours and has almost turned out to be the aftermath of my reinvention process. Everywhere i turned to it was the same message. When i wake up in the morning the first thing i hear would also be in tune with this three words.

The first post greeting me on my Instagram page would also have the process word in quote. A friend also had the same thing in mind when i heard him teach a large group of people.

It became too much that i eventually freaked out “Okay! I’ve heard, trust the process. Cool. No problem…” And shoved it aside. (laughs)

Yes. I didn’t let it sink in nor did i take it seriously. I listened to the message, possibly even wrote it down somewhere but didn’t truly understand that it was meant for me. That just maybe it was not just a coincidence but it was a word from God to me and maybe you too.

Not until this morning did i see what God wanted me to see when i heard her story.

She is a woman i know well enough or so i thought. We live close to each other. When i see her all i see is a hardworking woman, with class, substance and taste and hell yeah; a whole lot of money (winks). I never saw or knew the behind the scenes of her life.

I rode with her this morning to work when she started with a statement “i started with hundred naira as a salary”.

What? Hundred naira? Oh my God”. I said laughing. That’s like the price of a bottle of Pepsi. And its equivalent to almost nothing in dollars. (my american readers you can do the maths)

She continued

But who knew that years later that hundred naira would turn to millions. The only thing i had was an O’3 result and the hundred naira that fed me. Then this NYSC (National youth service corps) corpers came into the company and started telling us what to do. Bossing us around with their puffed up shoulders, and that got me pissed. I wondered what even made them special. It was the university degree. Then i decided i would also get mine too. It didn’t matter how many days i go hungry, because no one would come here and dictate to me how to do my job especially when I’m more qualified than they are. So i grabbed a form and took the exams and that was how i got in. You cant imagine the number of times i stayed hungry, hurt my foot as a result of trekking for a long distance. Yet i won the challenge. I got my degree. But it still felt like a small reward. Only later did i see the result of the pain, struggles and hunger; When all federal and state ministries and multinationals in the federation dropped all workers that didn’t have their university degrees. Even though you’ve been working with them for over twenty years. It didn’t matter, you will still be dropped. I was saved. I stayed not because i was better but because i learnt through the process. Now, what the world sees is a wealthy woman who has it all, without realizing that it took a process to get here. Not a day but a process that lasted for decades”. She said finally.

“Wow!!” I exclaimed. Too shocked to say anything. When she eventually dropped me off at work i was still in awe.

I laughed so hard “okay sorry God for taking time to understand. Did you have to make me hear this story for me to understand? Are you trying to punish me? Thank you so much. I love you” I said whispering to God as i walked inside.
(I just said i love you God now, while typing this. Say it often. It helps)

Maybe you may have heard a story like this. But have you let it sink in. Have you understood the deep meaning it carries within it? Whichever it is just know this;

Those things you’ve learnt.
Everything you learn along the way.
Those experiences you’ve had.
Those situations you’ve gone through that makes you feel yours is the worst case scenario.
Those big No’s you received along the way.
Those series of failures.
Those skills acquired.
Those books you’ve read to develop yourself.
Those video you’ve watched to motivate yourself.
The headache, the backache, the stomachache .
Those periods you wanted to give up but choose not to. Are all a process

A process that would turn into a massive explosion of breakthrough

So trust it, survive through it and learn a lesson from it because it would pay off in the end. It would all be worth it.

Whats your process story or your progress story. Are you where you want to be or are you still in progress? Share it in the comment section below


  1. Iboro

    This is the word our generation needs to hear. Thanks for sharing

    • You’re absolutely right about that. You’re welcome. I’m glad you found it inspiring. Love & hugs xox ❤

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