Romantic ‘How we met’ stories that would inspire you to love 2.

1) Love in the neighborhood

Usually i shop with an old woman right at my street. But that day she wasn’t at my store so i shopped at a store beside hers and that was when i saw him for the first time. It was his mothers store but he was the one attending to customers that day. He attended to me. I liked him the moment i saw him. It was awkward and maybe weird but i did like everything about him when i met him. My thought then was “So a beautiful cute guy was here all along and i never knew even though i always bought things around there”. It was an amazing feeling. For him that was not his first time seeing me. He said he always saw me when i passed and admired me. But that was the first moment for us. After that first meeting all i wanted was see him and same for him too. I wanted to be the one to buy groceries for the house, just to glance at him or chat with him for few minutes. He never passed an opportunity to attend to me and have my attention all to himself. We called each other frequently from then and spent every spare time we had together till it blossomed into a love that could never fade. Its been ten years and we’re still buzzing. He’s still my first love, my first boyfriend, my husband and my most handsome man on the planet.

Sophia and Patrick

2) Down the stage

It started on that mild February after singing one of my songs on stage. It was a ministration i long prepared for and the hall was buzzing with applauds. When i climbed down, that was when he approached me
“That was beautiful. I enjoyed your music” he said
“Thank you” i replied in gratitude.
“Can i get the link to your songs” he asked praying she would agree.
“Alright”. I agreed and we exchanged numbers. That was it period. Nothing more. And he always liked me.

In May he came with the intention of marriage and my answer was a big fat ‘No, I’m not interested’. I rejected him because at that time i didn’t think he was the one. I had a million reason not to be with him. My mind was not fixed on him, and he had an appearance that was not flowing with what i wanted and mehn, i hardly knew the guy and all of a sudden marriage. Hell No! Months later Oga came back, still serious about me, still wanting to know me and give him my attention and still hoping that I’ll see the love he has for me. So after a long time i decided to give him a chance and that was the best decision i had ever made. Our first date was a movie night and seemed like we had known each other for ages. We instantly got connected. There was no dull moment with him. And over time i couldn’t get enough of him. That was when i knew that “You can never know until you truly know”. Our friendship was contagious because it was something we gradually built. It was the very foundation of our relationship aside God. I had always wanted and prayed for a simple guy i could always relate with and not be scared of. A man that would support my vision and ambitions. And Gods will for me. And i got that man. We were true friends and it was that friendship that blossomed into Love, and has kept us till now. He is my husband and he is everything i ever asked for and more.

Favour and George

3) At the pool

As a second level student in school, i went to the pool to cool of and swim hard. That was where i met him. He also came to do the same thing and he was a year ahead of me in school. He had a crush on me so he approached me and popped the question can we hang out? My answer was No. Really? Can we hang out so that you can take me to a joint or a restaurant where I’ll just eat and few minutes later I’m in the toilet. No! I hated that. You want to take me out then take me shopping. It must not be something expensive. A scarf , a wristwatch or a slipper would do because its something that when i see it or wear it ill always think of you.
He got a little hurt by my answer but didn’t stop there. He got my contact number and kept calling to explain himself; for every time he called i told him i didn’t know him and that he should back off and stop pestering me. Deep inside i knew that for every time he called he was keen on dating me.
Finally i gave in after giving him a hard time and since then its been a roller coaster of laughter, friendship and fun. He is my best friend, my husband and the father of our children.

Onome and Shola

4) Love that Changes all

His close friend was also my close friend and she introduced us. We got talking and i wasn’t forthcoming because i wasn’t really ready for a relationship and he hadn’t been in a serious relationship too. Our conversations were mostly brief and hardly intense, mostly because of my nonchalant attitude. I barely asked about his welfare and all. It was mostly the normal basics of ‘Hello’ ‘How are you doing?’ Hope you’re good…I live here…and so on. I gave the cold attitude so he was giving up on me but somehow he continued. And this went on for a year without seeing each other.
In February a year later, we saw each other finally for the first time. We fixed a date and met. I was glad he came but the minute he stood before me; Boom!! I wanted to end the relationship. I didn’t want to continue at all. We both sat down and got talking and gisting and he asked the question “Would you date me seriously, and give us a chance?” This was an opportunity to say No and end everything but i felt bad, i didn’t want to hurt him so i ended up saying “Yes” with the hope that it would die off and also praying that he would get tired and just end it. But the opposite happened, we kept dating. We couldn’t bail on each other because over time we became passionate friends. We kept growing. “If you ask me when i started loving him” i never have an answer to that because it just happened. I don’t know how, or when it happened. But somehow i knew it on that day we saw; We defined the relationship and it increased the respect i had for him. Our knowing each other was a blessing to me because it made me appreciate every little thing about him. Its been five years and we’ve been strong. He’s always loved me from the beginning and now i can proudly say i love him much more. He is my treasure.

Og and Dan

I love sharing these stories. Share your love stories with me in the comment section and lets enjoy every bit of it.


  1. Aida..

    Chi darling, I enjoyed reading all the pieces you put up there. Really,i.amd some others like me really want to see more from this blog. More intense with emotions.

    I love this . Will hit you up with my owm story
    . lol.
    More grace and writing prowess dear.

    Sincerely yours

    • I’m glad Aida. Thank you. I can’t wait to hear your story and share it with the world. Hugs & kisses❤

  2. Enebeli ogochukwu Sophia

    Wow my friend,my sister thank you so much….
    Love u dear

    • You’re welcome my friend. I love you more ❤. Hugs&kisses

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