He walked slowly towards her and grinned. He had her now since they were the only two people inside the elevator. He walked slowly towards her and at the same time she took a step back, fear written all over her. He swiftly pushed her to a corner and tried clasping her hands together but she was smart, she gave him a hard kick that sent him flying back, she immediately brought out her phone to call the police but he dragged it from her and smashed it on the ground, dipped his hand into his side pocket and brought out a nail cutter, held her hand upward and tried using it on her but instead she bit his arms and he wined in pain. Why won’t this girl just let him do what he came for? And why did she have to make it difficult? He muttered to himself, but he knew why. No girl would see a total stranger in a mask attack her and won’t fight back. So what was he to do now? A thought came to his mind. He let go of her and she tried stopping the elevator but all to no avail. He swiftly turned her back to him, removed her hood and threw it on the ground, then dug his fingers into her hair and pulled; this time she gave an ear breaking scream that almost brought her to tears and he was sorry but he had no time to worry about her so he brought his hand to his face and found strands of her black hair stuck on his finger. He smiled mischievously and brought out a tiny plastic bag from his back pocket, put the hair inside it, zipped it and put it right back into his pocket. He pushed her to the wall and the elevator opened immediately and he walked out, then stopped dead on this track as if forgetting something, he brought out a live of paper, scribbled something on it, threw it at her and left.

She stood up after much effort, took the paper he threw at her and opened it. What she saw shocked her “I’m sorry”

‘Who was this man?’ She asked silently in utter amazement. She didn’t think he wanted to hurt her, and he didn’t steal from her. He only tried cutting her nails and when he didn’t succeed he tried her hair and succeed. What he wanted or his motive behind it remained a mystery to her.

When he reached the roof, he held the rope and jumped all the way down. A car drove in front of him and he got in the front sit

“This is it. I only got her hair, that should be more than enough”. He handed the plastic bag to the man at the back seat.

“Good job. What is left is the DNA test”

“That has nothing to do with me. I hope i never see you again. This mission is over” he opened the door and stepped out. And the car drove off.

Then Silence…

‘Shit!’ I said out loud. Really? Why did this have to stop now. Oh i know, i stood up and went to the drawer, opened it and searched to find it but there was none. ‘What the hell! I kept pacing and was so exasperated. I glanced at the clock and it was ten forty five pm and that was so late which was no consolation at all. After a minute of pacing back and front in anger i couldn’t handle it any longer. I went into the living room quietly and grabbed the gate key, wore a jacket over my cami, opened the door and left.

Opening the gate was the problem. What if i get caught? What would i say? That i was going to buy the completion of a movie i thought i had but didn’t at almost midnight. What normal person would accept that. I had no gut to lie and no strength to crack my brains for an excuse to give. I held the padlock tightly and swiped the key slowly to avoid making a noise that would wake mum and unlocked the gate. Then i slowly removed the bolt, walked out and jammed the gate calmly. I ran to the junction, boarded a taxi, dropped off, walked to the store, made my purchase and went back home.
I was on the couch with a handful of peanuts, a cold drink beside me and a forty two inches before me in twenty five minutes. I sighed in relief and tried catching my breath and when i relaxed, i sat comfortably, opened my drink, threw the peanut into my mouth and hit the play button.

If you think this is crazy then you’re yet to see more adventure people have taken just to watch a movie.
At that moment i knew the risk of walking out alone at that tome of the night but i choose to take the risk. why? The answer to that is no fun in watching a movie without knowing the ending or watching an incomplete movie. Its different if its a TV series at least i know it would be shown in episodes till the ending. So its either a complete film or TV series but never an incomplete film
The moment i hit the play button and begin watching, getting the drama, the emotions, the visuals,and the story out of my head becomes very difficult. Worst of all, not getting a closure drives me crazy.

Most times we get so busy with the hustle that we forget to give ourselves a Friday or Saturday night break to watch a movie. Forget the worries of the day and the fear of tomorrow and sit on the couch with a bag of popcorn and watch a movie. Its okay to have a bad day but remember to create the good days. The memory of each day would always be pleasing.

PS – the movie that made me go out late at night was ‘K2’ a Ji Chang wook series. Don’t be shocked. Yeah! I’m a Korean movie fan.

Also there are two movies that have made me cry ‘The fault in our stars’ a Shainelene Woodly film and ‘Kaho na ho’ an Indian film by Sharuh khan.

So tell me, what’s that movie that made you shed a lot of tears. Share them with me by leaving a comment. Like, share and follow. God bless.

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