It was raining heavily that Sunday morning and he was rushing to meet church service. He quickly dressed up and when he went out the rain became worse, almost unstoppable. He went back inside grabbed his raincoat, wore it, took his phone and wallet and closed the door behind him.
He stood on the side of the road for what felt like an eternity, yet there was no sign of a taxi coming. He stepped into the road and started walking under the rain. He had no choice, he felt every drop of the rain clap his body. He was walking to church weather he liked it or not. Then a thought came to his mind; it was what he loved doing but missed doing. He immediately took out his earphone plugged it into his phone and put in his both ears and hit the play button.
As he walked on he was nodding his head in rhythm to the song playing in his head and he couldn’t stop smiling. The beat dope, the lyrics amazing, the sound soothing and almost immediately he joined in the singing and he sang on and on. it was pure heaven feeling the cool breeze embrace him, the wet drops of the rain on his body, the precious rhythm of the song flowing through his soul and mind and him singing the song out loud for the world to hear without minding the long distance or if he may catch a cold. Nothing mattered except that moment.

He kept singing unaware of the fact that it was not raining so hard anymore. It was just little drops. People began coming out of their shelter and shades and cars started to fill the road again. As people passed him they looked at him, smiled and went on. Some laughed at the mere sight of him and others laughed at his singing and he just laughed back at them, nodded and went on. Those he knew waved and passed. It was all so refreshing. He couldn’t stop himself. He was close to the church so he stopped singing but kept humming to himself. As soon as he reached he stopped the song, removed the earphones, removed his rain coat, dried himself and went in.

It was lunch time at home, service was over and everyone couldn’t wait to refill their stomach. The boys were noisy with their cutleries and mum was serving lunch. He couldn’t stop singing that song, even after church he continued it at home. The children stared at him and was smiling and wondering why daddy was so happy singing with his crooked voice. Then suddenly they started laughing. He stared at his sons and smiled, maybe they were laughing at something between them so he turned back and continued singing “…abu-de-na-me-yang, my trust is in you…” Nodding his head and smiling “…my trust is in you, abu-de-na-me-yang…” He went on and on. Then he heard them laughing again, he turned and this time their mom was with them laughing so hard. He couldn’t figure out what was funny so he smiled and looked at them questionly ” What is it boys?” He asked waiting for an answer instead he got another roar of laughter. This time he also started laughing wondering why they were laughing so hard
“Daddy its not …abu-de-na-me-yang, my trust is in you; …its …i put them all in you, my trust is in you…” His first son replied still giggling.
“Really, Jesus!” He exclaimed in shock. “You mean all this time I’ve been singing it wrong and you’ll have been making fun of me? Huh”. He continued with his hands on his head in shock.
“Yeah” they nodded
“Alright. Noted. Can we eat now? Please?” He laughed and they all nodded and digged in.

Even as he was eating he couldn’t stop thinking that all this while he had been singing it all wrong, no wonder some people were laughing at him on the road when they heard him. Oh God! What embarrassment! But who cared. He was enjoying himself. He was lost in his own world. Who cares weather he knew the lyrics of the song or not. He was just pouring out his emotions through the music. He was simply having fun singing and listening to the sound of music. He smiled and continued eating.

I’m sure you’re laughing at this too but that’s what music does. The beats, the voice, the sound, the melody. It fills the soul and every time you just want to pour it out and express yourself in the heat of the moment. Sometimes i pick a rap song among my playlist and join in the rapping. Weather i get it right or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m enjoying myself and having fun.

Let me share this with you
‘Like an Avalanche by hillsong united is one song that makes me cry.
‘My light by Jahdiel is that song that makes me dance. ‘Not enough’ Joyful noise cast sound track is that song that makes me laugh.
‘Missing you’ by Michael Bolton is that song that makes me think of love.
‘Blow your high” by Lacea ft Canon is that song that’s always on repeat.

Yes that’s because i love music, i love my headset, earphones and i love rap. So whats that song that makes you cry, makes you dance, makes you laugh, makes you think of love and is always on repeat? Share them with me like I’ve done with you and let’s enjoy the moment.


  1. Emeke enebeli

    Wow chika nice one ooo…buh my best songs are sang by backstreet boiz always making me feel loved…. nice write up 💋💋 #forthesoul

    • That’s amazing Emeke. I would try to listen a song from the backstreet boiz to also feel that moment with you. Thank you for sharing

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