WHOT playing card

Who plays card at work? Hell yeah i do! Its crazy but i do. I’m supposed to be working or if not I’m supposed to feign busy just for the sake of it. But sometimes i can’t. Sometimes i really cant focus on one thing so i multitask. In fact i love multitasking. Its not every time i want to spend my spare time reading a book. No! I love keeping my eye, ears, hands and mind busy. And card is one way.
When the card is shared your hands become busy with the stack of cards, your eyes are busy watching every move by your opponent, your ears are busy waiting to hear a hint, a lick of information on their side that may guarantee your win and then your mind is busy meticulously calculating every card played by your playmate that may be in your favor and guys just thinking and writing about it gets me excited.

Standard 52 deck card

There is the Standard 52 deck card i like a lot. Its a playing card that has 4 suits; 13 of each is the club, diamond, hearts and spades. I play a little of it but I’m not strong so i loose almost every time i play it. And then there is the ‘WHOT’ playing card, wildly played in Africa especially Nigeria. Its a non-standard card of five suits: circles, crosses, triangles, stars and squares. Its a multiplayer card game. And its strong suits are 20, 14, 8, 2 and 1. 20 can get you anything, 14 means general market, 8 means suspension for the next player, 2 means pick two for the next player and 1 means hold on for the next player. Its a wild fun game especially playing it outside at night with the cool breeze and the soft noise of the birds on the tree.

So Imagine opening your deck of cards and you see this.

You feel like you’ve been given a gold mine. You smile openly or you try to hide your smile so your playmate doesn’t get an idea of what you’ve got in your hand. This time you’re sure winning is a must. It relieves you of the tension and then you relax and wait for your move. Suddenly, your playmate gives you a WHOT pick two, and you feel like screaming. Like a bolt of lightening the tension is back, the fear of losing returns, and the game gets hotter. You become aware that its time for the mind and calculating game because now you’ve lost your chance of winning and its time to create that chance again. This time there are no smiles, no jokes only the flipping, throwing and shuffling of cards. And the fact is, the one who wins either wins by luck or by skill. Its either one of the two.

Life is like a table of cards. One minute you’re happy, all smiling, traveling, meeting friends, dating and partying. And the next thing like a bolt of lightening, the challenges, the problems, the loss, the negativity comes without invitation, without knocking on the door, they just come in and find a hard time leaving. Suddenly all you can think of is solving the problem. You forget the partying and the playing. And all your attention become focused on removing the negativity, getting rid of the situation and overcoming the challenges.

So guys lets play to win! To overcome!

Do you love card? What is your best playing card?

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