She kept walking fast almost running, every hair on her body stood in fear as she couldn’t bear looking back. It was dark, too dark to be out alone but she closed late and had no choice but to go home only now she couldn’t because she felt someone was following her. Hearing the thick steps he took towards her made her head spin. She tried looking back and saw his shadow behind her, fear overwhelmed her so she screamed and ran. She didn’t know where she was running to, all she knew was that she had to escape. Thankfully she saw a sharp bend and ran towards it for her dear life.

*   *   *

His scattered brown teeth shone as he laughed at his victim. He was having so much fun following her and scaring the shit out of her. It was easier to just grab them and slice their throat with his knife but that was no fun. He liked creating fear in them. He wanted to see the expression of my-life-is-almost-over on their faces. So he always chased them like a shadow. He was a professional killer and that’s why people hired him . This particular job determined his life. If he loses this one job the boss would personally kill him, so winning was a must; winning meant the girl must die.

He laughed at her as he followed her to the bent road he saw her run into. He brought out his knife in readiness to kill her but when he turned he didn’t see her. In frustration he shouted and began searching every corner of the road but all to no avail. He kept searching for hours but never found her.

*   *   *                                           What he didn’t know was that  when she ran into the the bent road she entered a junk yard and when she looked around it turned out she was surrounded with all sorts of condemned cars and parts, scraps, useless and dirty items. She quickly went on top not bothering if she may get injured, she bent at the corner of a junk car and hid there.

*     *     *

He couldn’t face his boss now with a failed mission and he couldn’t let anyone kill him either. Instead he went to the bridge, stood at the edge of the bridge looked over the river and pushed himself into the river. While he fell he took out his knife and sliced his throat. Blood stained the surface of the water as his dead body feel deep into the river.

*    *    *

What she didn’t know was that her attacker was dead and she was safe. She didn’t dare take a step out of her hiding place because she was still scared to death. So she remained there fearing her life.

psalm 54:3-5. “Arrogant foes are attacking me, ruthless people are trying to kill me….Let evil recoil on those who attack me, in your faithfulness destroy them”.

*That’s what happens when they come after you. They die at their own hands*


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