Waking Up – Love

He followed her the next day without her knowing and found out where she worked. For the next three months he bought things from there just to glance at her, chat with her and see her work. He knew she worked hard and he was glad but still felt sorry for her. They were becoming fast friends, she knew him well enough, his parents lived outside the city and his sister is married with two boys while he lives alone and all he does is work work work. She liked everything about him and he too.
A week later she came out of the house and saw Jamie in Front of the house early in the morning. “Good morning Root. Don’t be surprised, I’m here to drive you too work, I’m going to be your personal chauffeur”. he said smiling.
” That’s nice but thank you. I don’t need your help”. she replied angrily, passed him and started walking to work. He caught her and stopped her “Look Root I’m sorry, I know you don’t need my help or anyone’s but I need you. Ever since I met you, you’ve become my life map but that’s beside the point. Right now my car seat needs you. it needs someone to sit on it. please!” he said and made a funny face. Root ended up laughing and seeing his sincererity she couldn’t refuse him so she nodded. “Yes that’s my girl” Jamie exclaimed “hop in let’s go”.

From that day he dropped her at work every morning and dropped her off at home after work. It was heartwarming. Root couldn’t believe her good luck. Even Mary and Joan loved Jamie. As time passed their friendship became strong and it was obvious they liked each other. Time flew in full speed and another four months passed quickly and by then they had known each other for seven months. They were walking to the park when Jamie stopped her.
“Why are you stopping?” she asked.
“I have a proposition for you Root and I want you to listen to me carefully first and not misunderstand okay?”
“Okay” she replied thoughtfully
“I want you to finish your clearance and go for your Nysc. You’ve never done anything for yourself this past years, all you’ve done is take care of your sisters. I want you to do it now before its too late to enjoy the opportunity. I don’t care where you get posted to. I just want you to cross over that bridge. Another thing, don’t worry about Mary and Joan they can both stay with my sister and family. Mary has written her exams already as for Joan I’ll take care of her school fees and you can pay me later or in installments. I’m not doing you any favours, I’m just trying to make it easier and faster so there’s nothing to loose” he said tenderly.
Root just stared at him, everything he just said was too much to swallow. He had already arranged everything in his mind and had thought everything through that there was no loose ends and she couldn’t give him any excuse because he covered every area and left no loopholes.
“Wow Jamie, you’ve rendered me speechless. You knew I’ll refuse so you covered all the important details so that it would be hard to refuse you. Wow…you’re amazing. You sure did your homework”. she ranted in total amazement. she was still baffled as she continued looking at him while he smiled at her, waiting for her answer. he was nervous because he didn’t want her to refuse him.
“Okay, Yes! I’ll do that. not for me but for my family and for you Jamie. As for Joan’s fees I’ll pay a fixed amount every month until I complete it so don’t kid yourself okay?”.
” Okay ” He replied knowing how stubborn she can be. “That’s the reason I like you, you’re tough and I love tough women. In fact I love you and I’m happy with you and with where we are now and in the future we’ll be more than what we are now. You and I”. he said lovingly. She took his hands in hers. with all the love and trust she had she whispered ” Yes we will “, as they smiled at each other and continued walking side by side.

Root had butterflies in her stomach. Its been almost eight months since she had that dream and woke up thinking that her life would never be beautiful like the dream but remain the same tough, hard, painful, lonely and boring life. But for the first time life seems warm again. now she had someone to lean on, someone who asked her how her day was, someone who made her laugh until she forgot the hard past. She knew now that the future held much more for them. Reality looked a little better than her dream.


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