Ending The Year With a Bang In 4 Simple Ways

Ending The Year With a Bang In 4 Simple Ways

Thinking about ending the year with a bang and laughs Right now the song playing in my head is “Dorime” Cause of course, who doesn’t want to chill with big boys? You and I obviously want to bam bam and run big things but well, welcome to the big world where you have to run KitiKiti and KataKata after real-life hits you.

“Evhewww” I just sneezed, sorry!

I don’t know about ending the year with a bang, because I’m not sure I started this year with a bang but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, is that I am grateful. I have a lot to be grateful for and if that is not a bang, then I don’t know what else would be.

I got hit from so many sides and it’s a blessing that I am on top “permit me to twerk” a girl gotta give a little dance for such a blessing. laughs

I had no goals starting the year, but eventually, I wanted to feature one guest writer on the blog every month for the rest of 2021, and guess what? That didn’t work. I got a lot of excuses from a few of them and damn guys, I hate excuses. (I don’t get why people give excuses) and it made me realize the kind of people I want to work with in the future and so I strived to become my best. And this year, not once did I miss a deadline and not once did I underdeliver, and thats another fact on ending the year with a bang.

This year;

This year I moved out from home, came into a new city, joined a new company, left the new company in five months and joined a new company in one week.

I ate more rice than protein. Ate more Pasta which I obviously love, and drank less Capri Sonne. I lost more weight and got it back again pouts (This bikini, will I ever wear it?)

I’ve had more dates than I’ve had all my life, which made me wonder what the heck I’ve been doing in my past relationships. It’s become obvious that I love American love, and can now say that there’s something about eating from his plate even though you’re both eating the same food. laughs it’s just love.

I’ve prayed less, but I thanked more. I praised more, and danced more, even with all the beatings I had this year. This made me realize the power of thanksgiving. God inhabits the praises of his people. I may have prayed less, but my praises were much louder.

This year I coached 50 great minds on both writing, blogging, and storytelling. It is clear that Chika Jonah’s brand is growing. That’s a huge “ending the year with a bang” and I’m loving every part of it.

Ending the year with a bang can happen for you too.

Here are some fun ways you can do that;

Have fun

Identity what fun means to you and have a gazillion amount of fun. Look, work can come later, but you can play today. Don’t have fun alone okay.


Giving is a powerful act of service. Giving should be natural, and the one who gives is more blessed than the one who receives. What better way to ending the year with a bang than giving to someone in need, or someone less privileged. It must not be your money, it can be your skill, it can be your time, it can be your support. Just Give.

Do something you’ve never done.

Tick something off your bucket list. It can be visiting a favorite place, going on vacation, carrying a snake, seeing a lion, riding a boat, traveling by air, traveling by sea, wearing a bikini (like me), gifting your parents, etc. It can be anything as long as it’s something new. Make it adventurous and that experience is enough to make your year worthwhile.

Set achievable goals

I am terrible at setting new year goals because most of the time I don’t achieve them but more than setting big goals, run with something. Run with one tiny goal. Setting tiny achievable goals is harmless and it may not hurt much if you don’t achieve them but surprisingly, it can make you the happiest person if you achieve them. However, you can also set those big goals. Whatever works for you. But strive towards achieving those big or small goals.

Ending the year with a bang can be accomplished with these points so in the spirit of Christmas, don’t forget to share, love, and spread light. This brings me to my next announcement.


Yes. It’s been a long time coming.

I am growing and evolving, and it’s natural that the brand grows alongside me since I am the brand. Chika Jonah is a brand and as such Chika Jonah’s blog has been a space for stories told and untold of faith and inspiration and will always be so. Yet, Chika Jonah has also evolved in her career and as such can no longer remain silent to those in dire need of the support and guide she can provide for the creative writing and storytelling industry as a blogger. So we would incorporate everything that makes Chika Jonah thrive, including her craft, lifestyle, and you, her biggest support.

You who have made this growth achievable. You whose stories have been a part of hers. You who have been here even after four years. I say a huge thank you.

We would also move to a new hosting platform that can accommodate our ever-growing blog traffic and content. And change the overall look, and feel of this brand.

So I ask that you encourage this growth with your immense support.

On this note, this is the last blog post of the year. From the 25th of December, this blog would be shut down on maintenance. The web designer and developer would be working in the background, restructuring everything.

Hopefully, by January we would launch the new website. “Can’t wait” More information would be passed about that. Till then, see you.

Join our writing community and movie community on Instagram. That’s where I’ll be chilling till the rebranding is complete.

Cheers to ending the year with a bang!
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new year.

Kindly say a prayer for this blog in the comment. It would mean a lot.


  1. Amaechi Moses

    Oh woww, American Love

  2. Amaechi Moses

    Merry Christmas in advance dear. You write soo well. Thank for sharing this part of you to us

    • chiqj

      Thank you so much for the kind words and compliment. I hope to keep making you proud. Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Amaechi Moses

    May God grant you your heart desires

  4. ndinechi Kingsley

    Aww merry Christmas my celebrity blogger…. Cheers to new brand

    • chiqj

      Thank you for your ever growing support Kingsley. Enjoy the holidays.


    Can’t wait for what would be in the new brand am sure you will blow my mind!!!

    • chiqj

      Aww…Thank you Ivy. Whenever I think of you, I always smile. Your support is forever appreciated. Love and hugs ❤ xoxo

  6. Akunna

    I’m glad to know it’s temporarily. I was already sad about the shutdown. Looking forward to having you back!

    • chiqj

      Hahaha…I know right! I’d definitely be back with a bang. Thank you for everything Akunna.

  7. Dayo

    Bigger and better chika Jonah I pray in Jesus name🙏

    • chiqj

      Amen! So sweet of you Dayo. Thank you so much. Hugs xoxo

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