3 April Fools Day Stories that will Shock You

Its April! Yayyy!!! Welcome to the month of April, a month blessed with juicy April fools day stories because it’s April fools day. Yippee!!!

April fools day stories

Okay please don’t fool me today I beg you.

Waking up this morning made me happy because today is my friends birthday (Happy birthday Aida) and couldn’t help but remember that today is also April fools day which comes with lots of April fools day stories.

I don’t know who invented this April fools day but I’m eternally grateful to that person for setting out a day where we get to fool or prank people to our hearts content and enjoy their reaction hahahaha

Thinking of April fools day made me remember how someone fooled me and the entire class in Secondary school.

I think it was in SS2 or SS3 during night prep. We were standing and gisting at the corridor when we were supposed to be reading inside the classroom when immediately someone shouted “Principal is coming.”

The person shouting was also running like his life depended on it.

My God! The entire corridor was in chaos. Everyone was running. I think I practically flew because I was not about to receive another flogging that night. How I reached my sit still baffles me. In twenty seconds the entire corridor was empty, my class was as silent as a grave yard. The only thing you could hear was our panting and heavy breathing.

Everyone immediately brought out their books and pretended to be reading. We were so focused that we visualized the Principal starring at us with his serious glasses and fat cane. Only for us to hear a loud scream, “April fools day!”

No one still believed.

“April fools day!” He shouted again laughing out loud.

That was when we knew we were fooled. hahaha I was shocked. I mean who wouldn’t be? I and the others felt like killing him. It was a good prank but it was painful.

The fear, sweat and shock was such a painful experience. At the end of the day we all had a good laugh and I never forgot that day.


Did you enjoy that story? Reminiscing on this story made me laugh a lot and I wondered how may April fools day stories are out there. So i asked a few of my friends to share their April fools day stories with us for the purpose of spreading laughter and good memories.

Here are 3 April fools day stories that would shock you

I told a friend once that I was very sick and I was hospitalized. That was on a 31th of March.
Then on 1st April, I switched off my phone because of a low battery forgetting my prank. My friend had to call my mom asking her “How is your son?” My mom was like “He is fine.” She said he told me that he was seriously sick and hospitalized. My mom was shocked, “How can my only son be hospitalized?” That was exactly how April fool’s day went bad.

I was fooled by someone a long time ago. Someone sent me a long message, I opened it to read and the content was painful. She said I told lies and sprayed ugly rumors about her in school to everyone. My heart was beating fast trying to recall what I ever did and trying to figure out who would accuse me of such bad deed. I was heart broken to hear such lies and very upset that I was ready to call her, until I read the final line of the text message which said “yo! You fell for it. Happy new month.”
Mehnnnn…. It was a big relief. But since that day I found it difficult to ever believe anything anyone said to me on 1st April (April fools day) no matter how serious that thing is. hahaha

My Dad always warned me to stop pranking people because everyone knew i pranked people a lot. So on April fools day, five years ago, We were eating at the dinning while I was intentionally looking for how to prank them. While we were eating, they asked me to get cold water from the freezer. That was when I had an idea. As I was bringing out the water, I then pretended to touch the naked iron and began vibrating and shaking like someone that had been shocked by electricity. Everyone froze in shock. My dad raised his hand to his chest and became still. I was still shaking when I looked at my dad and immediately became scared for him. I stopped shaking and confessed to everyone that I was joking. Hey! My Elder sister walked up and slapped me across the face and warned me never to do such again. They rushed and got my Dad’s medication to calm him down. Damn! I felt cold that day. Afterwards, I promised never to fool anyone again. I learned my lesson. smiles

I’m as shocked as you are by these April fools day stories. I mean, the jokes were out of this world, the pranks were intense and the effect was massive. But well, can you blame us? Thats what April fool is about. I’m sure you’ve engaged in one or two pranks before.

Feel free to steal some of these April fools day stories ideas to prank those around you but note that we would not be held responsible by the laughter, shock and heart ache your prank may cause. winks

From ChiQs Blog, I wish you a Happy new month filled with lots of laughter, good tidings and breakthrough. Cheers!

Share your last and present April fools day stories in the comment. Your thoughts and opinions on this post would be welcomed as well.

I’m just a mail away if you need to talk.

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    • chiqj

      Aida is her name. Why do you even want to know? *funny dude*

      Thank you for stopping by the blog today Solomon. Have a great month ahead.

      • Aida

        Haaa…babes….seems like people in this part of the world are too serious oo.

    • Aida

      It’s me oooo….#Arian Queen oooo….(why I no fit use emoji for here na?)

  1. I’ve never really had any April fools experience. I fear it might not end well so I avoid it. 😂😂😂

    I thought about pranking my parents today but then I just dead the idea. 😂

    • chiqj

      *hahaha* hmm…now I feel like I should prank you. I’d have to think of a really good idea.

      Anyways, thank God you did not prank your parents in the end. Who knows how it would have ended?

      Thank you for your sharing your thoughts Tobi. Have a productive April.

  2. Macquin Chinedu

    just this morning i was been pranked by my colleague at the office…
    i cant believe i fell for it…hahaha

    • chiqj

      🤣 I feel you Chinedu. After publishing this blog post, my colleague also pranked me and I fell woefully. You needed to see me sweating and panting.

      May this pranks not be the end of us. *hahaha*

      Thank you for visiting the blog today. Have a colorful April.

      • Macquin Chinedu


        Amen ohh it will never be the end of us,,,

        Have a colorful April too dear…

  3. Chinwe

    I can’t remember ever fooling anybody but omoorr these pranks are intense

    • chiqj

      Well, you should try it sometime. Its pretty fun & entertaining.

      I’d be waiting for your story when you do.

  4. Prince

    The third was mad🤣🤣

  5. Prince Jonah

    The third one was mad🤣🤣

  6. Aida

    Awwnnnn…..first of….gosh!!! I’m so happy I made it to your blog(my name appeared on your blog ooo((why can’t I use emoji now?))
    Unfortunately i’m just seeing it now. Thank you so much babes..you’re amazing. Thanks a whole lot. You wished me well almost in all your media spaces…now in your blog, wahala for who no get blogger friend oo. Thanks a lot jare. I love you.

    Secondly, apologies I couldn’t even think of an April fool’s prank to give you to add to your story(too bad for an Arian Queen abi..?…lol). I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness that day that I barely recalled to drop my story. Thanks again girl. God increase you in all wise in Jesus name..Amen

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