Dying Slowly

Dying slowly

Dying slowly

Oma saw Anita coming and quickly wiped the tears from her eyes while she continued writing out the prescription drugs on a piece of paper.

“Oma!” Anita called.


“I just saw the doctor, he said that so far the treatment has been effective but he doesn’t understand why in recent times she has not been responding to the treatment. They have to perform another test. And…and…its going to cost seventy five thousand naira.” Anita informed sadly.

“What? Seventy five thousand naira! How the hell am I supposed to get that much money?”, She staggered back and leaned on the wall. With hands ruffling her hair, looking at Anita with those painful eyes. “Take a look at these”, She handed over the prescription paper to Anita and as Anita read through her face changed. “Oh God!” Anita whispered.

“Now th…i…s too.” Oma fell to the chair and sobbed uncontrollably. Anita rushed to her and wrapped her hands around her.

“Six months Ani”, Oma spoke in between tears. “Six months of been in this dreadful hospital. Six months of dropping it all. Of trying to save her life. And now there is nothing left. We have nothing. I have nothing to give her Ani.” She cried.

“No. No. Don’t say that baby.” A lone tear fell from Anita’s eyes as she held her friend tightly. She could feel the pain Oma went through. She had seen Oma go through hell to help her Sister who was diabetic suffering from a lung infection. She left her job to take care of her. She sold everything she had just to afford the hospital bills. Spent sleepless night catering for her and was constantly praying for her.

Oma pushed Anita away “She should die. She should just die and end this misery.” Oma barked.

“What? I don’t think you know what you’re saying.” Anita said, uncertain of how to respond.

“I meant every word.” Oma replied her sternly.

Anita raised her had and slapped Oma on the cheeks. “Are you out of your mind?” She screamed. Quickly she grabbed Oma’s shoulder and shook her vigorously, “Don’t you dare say that again. If you really meant it, then why are you still here? You should have been at home taking a nap, surfing the internet or chatting with friends. But you chose to be here. Fighting this battle. Don’t give up baby. I beg you. Please don’t give up.” She took Oma back into her arms and Oma cried on her shoulders.

“I’m sorry. I’m just tired.” She wept uncontrollably.

“I’m too tired” She whispered. Anita gave her a slow pat “I know. I know baby. You’ll be fine. We will all be fine.” She reassured her friend.

They sat down there for a long time until Oma stood up “look after her Ani, I’ll go arrange the money somehow and get her the drugs. Lets prep her for this test.” Anita nooded.

Before she left she quickly took a glance at her sister, who was sleeping softly on her bed. She couldn’t help but wonder what she was dreaming about.

She walked towards her, leaned to her right ear and said those words she had been meaning to say, “Don’t you dare die on me sis. Fight. Fight hard and come home to me. Okay?” She stroked her cheeks warmly and left.

Four weeks later Oma’s sister died after a prolonged seizure. She fought so hard for so long, but towards the last week, she went into a coma and didnt survive the seizure.

There was so much pain and tears and sorrow in the room. Everyone was either wailing or sniffing. Only Oma didnt cry. She stood at a corner too shocked to do anything. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t cry. There was no more tears left to cry and nothing left to say. Only pain to feel.

What they didn’t know was that, Oma died slowly every time she watched her sister fight her sickness in pain and agony, pieces by pieces till there was nothing left of her.



What are your thoughts on the dying slowly story? Did you wish things ended differently for OMA? Just drop your thoughts in the comment below.

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  1. Tommy Amamina

    Deep down oma knew the inevitable, but she had hope. Am sure she tried everything to raise the money for the treatment. And another thing about this kind of situation is that, when someone that is so dear to you having told you their problem and your unable to solve your somehow feel responsible for their death, not cause you didn’t make effort to help. But because you weren’t able to meet up before their death. Its so painful.

    • chiqj

      Its really painful. Yes the sad part is still been hopeful and having that shred of hope shattered . that was the last straw for OMA. She did everything she could. She fought but the inevitable still happened.

      I hope we would rise even when we fall so hard

  2. Bright Duweni

    Accept my deepest condolences Oma. I’m sure you did all you could do.

    • chiqj

      And to everyone who have ever been in a situation like Oma. You did your best. Don’t blame yourself. You’re strong & brave.

      You can rise.

  3. emmanuella

    This is so painful. I can relate to an extent. Once when a relative was almost dying and we prayed and believed hard. When she fied, something in me knew she would, the other part had hopes.
    You write well boo

    • chiqj

      Thank you for the compliment girl. 😍 Mehn! That part eats deep. Having a lot of faith & confidence only for what you dread most to happen.

      Its heart breaking. I pray that anyone who gas ever experienced this would heal & rise.

  4. Uchekaren

    What an amazing read
    Although I wish things ended differently for Oma but not every story has a happy ending. . She sacrificed so much to keep her sister alive but she lost her still.

    • chiqj

      Now I’m feeling sad all over again. The way you said it Uchechi is now making me feel bad for writing it. But I’m glad you got the message.

      Thank you for stopping by babe.

      Love & hugs xoxo

  5. Ema

    I truly wish there was some miracle at the end

    • chiqj

      Aww…thats sweet. I hope so too. God would be a strong tower to anyone facing this

  6. Iboro

    Well written dear. Most times the inevitable happens after we have done everything. May God strengthen us as we go through life no matter the pain.

    • chiqj

      Amen!! Yes. Thats why they say “life is full of surprises.” Sometimes the inevitable is unavoidable.

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