My journey as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria.

My journey as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria has been a mouthful says Aniekeme Umoren our Guest writer.

Aniekeme Umoren(Ann) is an entrepreneur, with a degree in Accounting. After been an Auditor for a year, she is currently the team manager of Partylane Dynamic Concept.
She entered the entrepreneurial world to explore her passion for Fashion and add beauty to human lives. Life to her means family and friends who can be trusted. She is self driven, she takes pride in providing the best products and services to customers/clients.

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Here is what Ann says;

Where should we start?
I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to share my experience. Chi, thanks again.
And to everyone reading, I hope we learn from my intriguing yet eye-opening journey as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Having an entrepreneurial vision is interesting, I would lie if I say it’s one of the smoothest Journey ever. Hmm…it isn’t.
I stopped applying for a job when I realised that I was wasting my time doing so.
Are you shocked to hear me say so?

Female entrepreneur in Nigeria

It all started immediately after my National Youth Service Corps(NYSC). I had this poor mindset that after my NYSC program I would find a white collar job.

Well, it turned out to be the opposite.
I kept applying for jobs in different places (banks to be precise) I love Bankers and was obsessed with the banking industry.

Few weeks later, I was called up for interviews at different banks.
I got rejected at the finals due to the fact that I was newly married and they believed I wouldn’t be able to perform my duty as required; such as traveling round the world, working late etc.

Should I say… Fortunately, I gave up my dreams of working in the bank and began reading Brain Tracy’s book “CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE” that was all I needed at that point in time. I lost focus, was depressed and full of negative thoughts that my friends have all made it through life and I’m still stagnated. I needed something to get my hopes high, and all I could think of was reading a book. Thankfully, the book did help redirect my thoughts.

I realized there was something missing in my world and that was FASHION. Fashion has always been my day one dream right from childhood, have always played with colors, pieces of clothes, drawings, threads and needle. smiles

I had to turn my focus to Fashion. But then I had obstacles; financial obstacles hindering me from getting things done immediately. Like the saying “there’s nothing free in Freetown not to talk of Nigeria.” laighs Becoming a female entrepreneur in Nigeria wasn’t going to be easy so I had to improvise.

Something that could actually relate to fashion. To avoid procrastination I had to start somewhere, anywhere and anyhow.
I ordered 15pieces of Ankara fabrics and began selling them to people around me.
Honestly, It was never an easy task. It took me a month to be able to sell out only ’15 fabrics’ laughs.

I didn’t know how to convince people to buy them so it made it very difficult to sell out. I was terrible at marketing. An important skill that would help me successfully be a female entrepreneur in Nigeria. At some point I got scared of what my life has become. It was so frustrating and I was a little hopeless.

After a while, I created a business account on social media( Instagram and Facebook precisely) I bought more fabrics about 15pieces, I uploaded them and waited for response like forever. No one called, no notifications, no DMs. I was frustrated. tears

I went to my husband’s book shelf again, skimmed through the books. My eyes caught Joe Girard book “HOW TO SELL ANYTHING TO ANYBODY”. I read it repeatedly. It took me days to understand and realize that I had a lot of upgrading and trimming to do with my brand and my self.

Who wouldn’t follow up procedures in such circumstances? I had to.
I bought about 25pieces of ankara Fabrics, 16yards of senators, 10pieces of plain and patterns and 12yards of brocades.
And I started selling rapidly. It didn’t take me more than 2 weeks to be able to sell them all, I restocked and kept the process going. I was so happy for a long time. You may see it as a small win but this victory alone got me motivated to do more.

It didn’t end there. As time went by I felt I needed to revamp and rebrand my Instagram page and it was done by Chika smiles she did an excellent job. The rebranding alone brought more clients especially on Instagram. I deleted trash of pictures on my Facebook business page and focused on just my brand and what I could offer.

Today, I can say that I receive calls from people I don’t know before, most of my clients are from social media. The irony. I can now call myself a female entrepreneur in Nigeria. I won’t say that I have blow, in fact, I am just getting started. I’m only at a place where I enjoy what I do.

So what’s my point here? To be called an entrepreneur in Nigeria or an entrepreneur of any kind is very pleasant but the question is are you ready to face the challenges that come afterwards or are you going to listen to people’s negativity or just quit?

It is important to have a true inner desire for your passion. And in business that’s truly what it takes at the end of the day.

6 Tips to help you be a successful male/female entrepreneur in Nigeria

  1. Just stay focused.
  2. Test your potentials(i.e passion, self confidence etc)
  3. Read books.
  4. Avoid procrastination.
  5. Redefine your skills to match your business.
  6. Be self driven (motivate your self, no one will do it for you)

I trust this piece has been of great value to you
Thanks for your time and thank you for having me.

Please leave Ann your feedbacks, questions, kind words and compliments in the comment. She’s right there waiting on you. winks

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  1. Tommy Amamina

    That’s really motivating. I love the fact that your passion came to life and saw you through.
    But how dose one cope with going for what he/she loves without having the financial needs. Cause most of us that’s what discourages us to succeed.

    • Ann

      Tommy, thanks for your kind words. You could actually get things done without finance in some cases. I bomb into an old friend that came to me. Asking if she could partner with me because she doesn’t have that financial capability. She got some fabrics from me. Sold them and include her profit in it. She kept on the process. Now she can buy her materials without partnering. And some times one cannot start up a business without capital. Then you go for something else,something that can actually give you tips. You grow that tips, and just then you can make your dreams come through. It might take years but it will be done. Thanks

  2. Bright Duweni

    Thank you Ann, it does have a great value to me. Cheers

    • Ann

      Thanks alot Bright. I’m glad it’s of value to you…

  3. Victoria Eshiet

    Nice one my friend. What you are saying is nothing but the truth. I’m a living witness to your success. God will take us all there. Keep pushing

    • Ann

      Thanks alot Victoria. We must get there…

  4. emmanuella

    I love this post and I resonate well with it

    • Ann

      Thanks alot Emmanuella. I’m glad you love it.

  5. Mira Kira

    Your perspective is refreshing and Your creative potential seems limitless. Keep it up Ann 👍

  6. Anna

    Good job Ann. More grace to you. U r an inspiration.

  7. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Wow.. If you were to be a footballer you are already a striker (a goal getter), I musicians once sang( ‘nothing good comes easily’ buh believe me had time no dey last) that is the more reason we shouldn’t not envy any successful man or woman cause dey have scars behind the scenes… ( Buh ma dis one now is between ) laugh…. Ma! so all this trouble you no call on God? #winks

    • Ann

      God is always the first. Without God we can’t grow tall. You right Kingsley, hard times don’t last… All we need do is put our effort and wait patiently for the result.

      • Ndinechi Kingsley

        Boom we move… Ma I rate you 10/10
        Chi our guests writer deserve much accolades

  8. Amaechi Moses

    Her story is soo Inspiring.

    • Ann

      Thanks a lot Amaechi, I’m pleased.

  9. Unyime

    Honest and inspiring! I’m taking your advice dear, thanks a lot.

    • Ann

      Thanks a million unyime. Good luck on the journey

  10. Tina

    @Ann thank you for sharing your experience and success story with us, I must say I feel refreshed reading this. I wish you more wins as you glow your business… Much love

  11. Ann

    Thanks a million Tina. I’m glad you have love it.

  12. Lilian

    Very inspiring story, thanks for sharing your experience dear. Really going to help me grow in business as I plan to quit my White kola job,..,is really drilling.

    • Ann

      Amazing👏👏good luck in your journey darling.

  13. Lilian

    Dear Ann, thanks for sharing your experience dear. Really going to help me grow in business as I plan to quit my White kola job,..,is really drilling.
    #self discovery.
    #inspiring story.

    • Ann

      Thanks a million Lilian. Best luck on your journey.

  14. Unique

    Going through that right now… But I know that if u were able to do it,I can also do it. Thanks for the inspiration my friend 👍🏻

    • Ann

      Nice quote darling. “if others can succeed why can’t I”. It’s just a matter of time, you will get through it and in Praise. Good luck on your journey.

  15. Brightspark

    This has really inspired me, and added great value to my thoughts.

  16. Iboro

    Thanks Ann for sharing your experience. I look forward to starting a business. This has motivated me.

    • Ann

      Nice one, Iboro… Good luck on your fresh start

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