Everything is impossible

“Everything is impossible” I thought when I went from smiling to being sober.

I cried. I cried like a baby who was denied milk and tenderness. My heart ached terribly, especially after I tried putting myself in those pairs of shoes.

You may be wondering why, just follow me and I’ll indulge you.

It happened after I finished reading Danielle Steel’s ‘Impossible’ and couldn’t let go of it’s thought provoking and inspiring story. I remember Liam, the lead male character of the story saying the words “its possible” severally with such great belief, light and hope regardless of the impact of impossibilities surrounding him and the one thing he was fighting for. I also remember Sasha, the lead female character screaming the word “its impossible” with such energy, vibrancy and zeal because she could see clearly the threads of impossibilities tied scattaredly around her and how much the universe was against the one thing she was willing to give a chance for and fight.
Wants, needs, desires, love, friendship and dreams didn’t matter because possibilities was far fetched. For Sasha, “everything is impossible” but for Liam, “possibility had a chance.”

For me Chika, what did I think?

I had no answer to that. I wanted to be optimistic and be the strong gospel believer that I am and say that not everything is impossible but…but…how could I ignore the impossibilities hovering around me, around my community, and around the nation. I didn’t have an answer so I was driven to tears.

Why couldn’t two people who had their hearts in the right place and had gone through unimaginable sorrows that had scarred them deeply, possibly journey through life in love and compassion? It was sad to imagine because as I read on there was really no chance of possibilities. That door had been shut tightly.

I asked God lots of questions:

The bible said “all thing are possible to those that believe” so why couldn’t it be?

Are some people meant to have difficult and impossible lives?

Why can’t it just be as Gods word has promised us?

Or is possibilities only for those who dream big and not for those who live and dream of a normal and content life?

Does fate & destiny play a cruel part in turning possibilities & impossibilities around?

Is possibilities only for those in denial or those blind to the reality that everything is impossible?

I sounded hysterical asking those questions but I knew it was unavoidable at that moment. And if I’m asking, then a million others in the world have asked or is still asking the same questions.

Time passed and I still didn’t have an answer but something happened, God gave me something that changed everything for me and its going to do the same for you too.

Everything is impossible

Three factors that would eradicate the threads of impossibilities and show you that not everything is impossible.


For believers, “Nothing is impossible” because Gods word has already stated it clearly for his children to accept. And remember the word of the Lord standeth sure as 2 Timothy 2:15 says. But there is something you should also note, laughs Something that would offend you as a Christian.

Mark 9:23
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Did you note the word “Believeth?” That scripture is only for those that believe. If Nothing is impossible to those who believe then Everything is impossible for those who don’t believe. As simple as that. So pray all you want, study the word all you want. The unbeliever who doesn’t know Christ or perhaps someone who just believes in himself, would attain possibilities because he dared to believe. Have a believing mindset in your craft, dreams, love, relationships and in everything you do. That would stand you out for possibilities.

Many Chances

“Everything is impossible” can be the order of the day for someone with doubts. But it isn’t for someone who takes chances. No. A person who takes not one but many chances would certainly enjoy the blessings of possibilities. One of the factors my eyes were opened to was this particular point. Give it many chances for possibilities to manifest. Liam and Sasha’s story was so heartwarming when they kept giving it a chance. The first time, tragedy and loss stood in the way. The second time, family and society took a bigger hold on their happiness and the third time a big decision on Liam’s part. A decision close to betrayal shattered the only ray of light left. At that point I was done. I had accepted that there was no way this relationship was going to work but something happened. A surprise. A big shock. Sasha gave it another chance. She left her arms wide open again and again. I was blown away. I was in awe. I didn’t think I would I her situation. But I realized something, she didn’t do it because she believed in the possibility but she was only willing to try. She was willing to give it many chances for however little time they had together. And that was enough. Give that dream, that goal, that vision, that person as many chances as possible. Only then can everything be possible.


Everything is impossible if you stop before time. I’m not going to bore you with the stories of great inventors and achievers who have secured the impossible through the passing of time and not stopping half way because I’m sure you must have heard of those stories. Another time means another opportunity to continue. You can’t just start today and give up today. That’s ridiculous. Sorry to say. A new day is a gift of time given by God to try again. As many times as you’re capable. What you couldn’t get today you can get tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day to begin. In 1994 there was nothing like a smartphone. But in 2020 if you are not using a smartphone then you’d be perceived as an alien. And in 2030 we may have a new invention that would say good bye to a smartphone. Time is an enemy of impossibilities and a friend of possibilities. The next second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year is another time to try. Don’t stop. Allow time work its magic.

After God opened my eyes to all this. I understood what he wanted me to learn which is also I wish you’d see too. Which is that;

“Not everything is impossible. Some things are impossible but nothing is impossible to the one who believes, dares to take many chances and doesn’t stop halfway with time.”

Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts in the comment below

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  1. Bright Duweni

    I can’t add or subtract from this nice piece. Weh done ChiqJ

    • chiqj

      Aww. I’m I really reading right? Wow!! I think I need to frame this feedback from you Bright. Thank you so much.

  2. Ndinechi Kingsley

    When you talked about time this verse appeared in my mind
    Ecclesiastes 9 vs 11
    I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all..
    Time is a revealer , thanks chikason

    • chiqj

      Damn!! That verse is powerful. I love that God his confirming his word over and over again for you personally. A wonderful experience. Thank you so much

  3. chiqj

    Damn!! That verse is powerful. I love that God his confirming his word over and over again for you personally. A wonderful experience. Thank you so much

  4. Emmanuella

    Yess! I’m happy I’m reading this on the last day of the year, something to take into the new year.

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