It could have been worse

When bad things happen, do you panic? Do you fret? Well its okay to do all that but do it with the mindset that it could have been worse.

Jamie’s story is one that best defines this statement. So heartbreaking yet inspiring. Follow me as I take you through this brave man’s story.

It could have been worse

When the news was broken to Jamie that he had cancer. He smiled, nodding as he listened to the doctors. Feeling sympathetic, the doctors had sad eyes as they wondered if Jamie was braced for what a life of battling cancer meant.

Shortly afterwards they watched as Jamie was instantly distracted as he began chatting with his friends and laughing in soft giggles. They shook their heads in disbelief and left quietly to prep him for more testing and treatments.

One week later, Jamie opened his eyes to a room filled with doctors and residents looking at him with concern.
“Hi Jamie, how do you feel?”

“Drowsy.” He answered rubbing his face.

“Jamie your surgery went well, we took away the cancer tissue but after running some post surgery test, we found out that your cancer is spreading, and fast. I’m so sorry.” The doctor informed him.

“Its alright.” He said smiling at the doctor and laid back on the bed.

“What?” The doctor looked at him puzzled while the other doctors stared at each other “Did you just hear what I said?” He asked.

“Yes I did,” Jamie replied warmly. “You just told me that I probably have a few weeks left to live if not one.” He grinned at the doctor who couldn’t help but marvel at what he just said.

“Jesus! How do you do it?” He asked perplexed.

“Nothing. I just know that it could have been worse. For all I know, what if the result showed that I only had this night? What then? But now I’ve got a week or more to see this beautiful world and all that is in it. I can’t change what you just said. It is what it is.” He  laughed at the doctor whose mouth was left wide open.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say Jamie. I just know that I could never be you. You’re great,” He rose to his feet, “don’t stress yourself. The nurse would get you your meds. Good bye Jamie.”

“Goodbye Doctor.”


My reaction is that of the doctor whenever I see people stay indifferent through their most painful and unbearable experience. I get pumped and energized to live fully. Yet, I also know that there are people who would never be great like Jamie. They would even become the worst version of themselves when faced with a unpleasant circumstances. They would become nasty and difficult towards themselves and those around them.

If you’re thinking I would say some cliche words like some motivational speakers and tell you not to panic or get scared or cry or act out your emotions then, you’re wrong. Let it all out and express your pain when faced with bad circumstances but please and please, don’t be a bitch.

Don’t be a bitch.

When you become a bitch you make it unbearable for the people around you to be hopeful. You make it uneasy to be loved and taken care of. Get it into your head that it could have been worse.

You’re staying with an uncle that treats you bad because you can’t afford a rent right now, isn’t as bad as you think. It could have been worse in the sense that, you could be lying on the streets without shelter. Get a grip on yourself and be less angry.

You are walking on the road side and some hoodlum snatches your bag and one year later, you’re still lamenting. Are you high? *laughs* You should thank God they only stole your bag. What if a car had run into you and injured you severely? For all we know it could have been worse. 

Some people smile on deadly conditions, its not because they are in denial, it’s just that they’ve accepted things as it is in that moment because they know that it could have been worse. Things would have been much worse than it were.

The question is; would you smile through it or be a bitch through it?

Thank you for reading through. I’d be waiting for you on the comment. Do well to leave me your honest feedback, thoughts and opinions.

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  1. Bright Duweni

    Well, I think it’s a nice piece here Chika. The truth however is that we must react when things don’t go our way and our reactions could be in the negative or positive. We all have different ways of handling things though and I’m not in anyway preaching that we react negatively. What I’m just saying is that there should be some rooms for understanding from both parties. And I also think it could have been better and not worse.

    And no one should treat someone badly because you can’t afford rent. That’s bad, yes I know you could have been in the streets without a place to lay ur head but people that are more privileged should treat people with dignity and respect. Cheers Chika.

    • chiqj

      I get your point too. But things get better and get worse at the same time. I think we should get to the point where we accept that. There would be better days, in fact, best days and far worse days. Unimaginable days. We should open our mind to that. That’s the point I’m making here. How we react depends solely on us. We all react differently and that’s very fine. But as you enjoy the good days, when the worse days come, react how you want but don’t destroy yourself and others too

      • Bright Duweni

        The thing here ChiqJ is understanding. When people go through some certain things and they react somehow you should understand what they’re going through. Cheers

    • Tamal

      “…it could have been better…” 😁How I love that part. I stand with you Bright, however it is what is…hence I’ll say…”as much as you hope for the best in life,expect the worst”. The best and the worst could come from anyone and anywhere especially the least expected people and places. Still…try not to loose yourself in the process 😊,that’s the message.

      (I think we need to be friends…I like your thinking 😘😎)

  2. Ogochukwu Sophia

    Good writ e up
    In every situation the bible said gives thanks ,the bible knew what it meant by that statement…

    Truly it could have been worst…

    Well done girl…

    • chiqj

      Spot on. You get it girl. Every situation. He didn’t say some. As humans we would always be hysterical but that too is fine. The key is to get to the point where we can see the light at the end of the day. I pray we get there. Kisses.

  3. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Wow sober reflection I can’t help it but smile… I could remember the day two small boys with machine tricked me and made away with the money and the list I was suppose to use and buy food stuff for my mum’s shop.. Boom it could’ve been worst (laughter) then I first and checked if my junior and his brothers are intact.. Then I went home to tell mom what happened…. Lolzz I could have been worst

    • chiqj

      You truly understand this. I love that your first reaction was to check if your junior ones were okay. You wanted to know how much damage was caused before alarming. And that’s truly admirable. It could have been worse. But I’m glad it wasn’t. Thank you so much

  4. Trinity

    Nice piece dear..I believe everyone have different ways of handling issues.when u have an understanding Tat u re conquerer I believe u will see things diff…having the mindset tat God is bigger than watever issue..u will differently smile through the issues..but I think we should have the mindset of it will be better rather than it could be worse…More grace are doing well..

    • chiqj

      Oh wow!! I love that line “have an understanding that you are a conqueror.” It shows an undying level of faith that should be embraced by everyone. Yes, I agree with you. This post is not to turn a blind eye to a mindset of better days but to open our eyes on worse days as well. Thank you for your constant friendship and support. Love xoxo

  5. Caramel

    Well different people react to things differently. It’s hard to remain grateful and positive when hit with a bad news. I admire Jamie’s outlook on life and I wish to be just like that so help me God 🙏🏼

    • chiqj

      Yes Caramel. Its really hard to remain positive after receiving such a blow. So damn hard. I’m happy that Jamie’s story would help see the the light she faced in the same situation. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.

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