GUEST POST: Simplicity is underrated and complexity is overrated

Our featured guest writer this week is CHINWE NWAGU

Chinwe Nwagu is a Storyteller and Creative writer whose main goal is to light and give hope to people regardless of how little via storytelling. She is passionate about letting you know the power in your voice and the need to utilize it.
She is the author of the book ROYALTY; a fictional faith based story available for free download.

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Instagram : @chinwe.writes
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Here is what Chinwe says;

Ever been in a random conversation and people are trying to pass a message of who they are and what their brands represent and the next thing, boom; you realize that the person is so good because he or she has used a few grammar thereby sounds so complex and unbothered. Then the next minute when you sit to figure out who you are, why you are here and why you do what you do; you seem to sound so off and not good enough, not to anyone though, but to yourself.


Because you feel like you don’t sound good enough like the previous guy and not as complex as the girl before you, you realize that your story isn’t strong enough.

The truth is if you want to sound as complex as others, then pick up a dictionary and throw at us a wild range of vocabulary.
But let me ask you though; who ever said complexity is the perfect way to sound relevant?

Simplicity is underrated and complexity is overrated. We live in a world where we are unconsciously legalizing “sound so complex and be regarded as a brainbox or sound so complex and be seen as a boss”

Do you know what happens when the goal is to sound unnecessarily complex?
You lose majority of your audience; nobody has the time to pick up Oxford because you are speaking.
Instead of sounding relatable and connecting to your audience, you become the major contributor of their throbbing head ache

If you’ve lost your audience and have become their major headache, your message doesn’t get delivered.

Growing up, I hated the question; who are you? Not because I couldn’t answer but because everyone around me once they answered, they sounded so confident and complex to me. I wondered how they could answer such a small question in a very built and complex way and I wanted to sound so much like them even just a tiny bit.

The untold truth you are unaware of is that the people you want to sound like do not even think they sound so complex, to them they are simple and they answered the question in the simplest way to their self and to others. What you are in-fact seeing, is the strut they exhibited in answering that question.

Listen, no one will harm you for coming off simple. If you can best define it in simple terms then by all means go ahead and if you can do complexity then jump on it. No one ever said the most trusted and serious set of people are those who throw in a million and one vocabularies; it is certainly a myth.

Listen the goal is not to sound and be like others. Ever read the scripture that Jesus Christ read in the synagogue that simplified his calling?
You may want to read it again (Luke 4:18-21). A six year old will be able to understand that scripture because of how simplified Jesus was about His why and Purpose, and you know what’s more interesting; it’s the fact that even King James Version simplified it. And you are worried about sounding so simple. (Smiles)

Hear me, if it’s much better in simple terms then don’t kill yourself, stick to your simplicity.

Thank you for reading. Please drop your thoughts in the comment. Love xoxo


  1. Thanks a lot, to both the writer and publisher. This post was simple and straightforward. The writer did exactly what she preached. Lol.

    I loved every bit of it, to be honest. And yes, I can totally relate to the temptation to sound complex when asked to introduce myself to people.


    Simplicity is underrated and because we don’t want to be underrated, we often opt for the complex stuff. (May God help us!)

    • chiqj

      Wow! I absolutely love your response Prince. Because we don’t want to be underrated, we try so hard to sound complex every time. I’m so glad you loved it.

      Thank you for your kind words. Our guest writer did so well with so one. Love and hugs xoxo

    • Chinwe Nwagu

      You know this Prince.
      Complex is good and so is simplicity
      Is not a crime to stay simple, truth is i will pick simplicity over complexity

    • Chinwe Nwagu

      Glad it made sense to you

  2. chiqj

    Wow! I absolutely love your response Prince. Because we don’t want to be underrated, we try so hard to sound complex every time. I’m so glad you loved it.

    Thank you for your kind words. Our guest writer did so well with so one. Love and hugs xoxo

  3. Rachel Magaji

    This post is really amazing. When we’ve become so complex, we lose our audience in the process. Thanks for sharing

    • chiqj

      You got it Rachel. Thank you for stopping by. It means a lot. Love xoxo

    • Chinwe Nwagu

      Yes we definitely do. Thank you for reading

  4. Ndinechi Kingsley

    I can relate dear.. Inferiority complex most times makes one go hard on him or her self.. simplicity says it all just like the publisher her self, she can not dance (smiles) and she accepted and don’t force her self that much on that occasion… Simplicity is a goal 💯
    The writer and the publisher and the reader laughter 😂 are simple
    I come in peace

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