You will burn

Boom Boom Boom

Was the sound of the gun shot we heard just right in front of us.

The street became instantly cold. I bet everyone took cover immediately upon hearing the gun shot.

Except one person. Chika.

Yes me.

I was inside the shop when it happened and the funny thing is they passed me by and attacked the the shop in front.

So instead of running or closing up, I remained there.

In fact I came outside.

I walked towards the direction of the attack.

A normal person should run but stupid Chika wanted to go and see what happened? Who shot the gun? Why?

Until I heard mummy’s voice “Chika did you open the gate?”. I wanted to lie but I didn’t. “Yes i did”. I replied.

“Is something wrong with you? Was that not the sound of a gun shot I heard not more than a minute ago? Please this girl, lock my gate, lock the shop and come inside immediately”. She said angrily.

“Yes mummy”. Too tired to even argue.

Once I came inside, I found her waiting for me at the living room.

“Chika, let me tell you something. You walk into the fire. You’ll burn. Remember this”. She warned and walked inside her room.

You walk into the fire, you’ll burn

I kept replaying those words in my head all through the night.

It is no news that I love going into the middle of an event.

I never run. Instead I want to know what the latest gist is or what is happening. I hardly get scared. Everyone who knows Chika knows that.

So I guess that was why mom warned me that night. She feared that my overcuriosity would land me in trouble one day.

Which I know she wasn’t wrong. haha I’m changing, I promise.

However there was something else I understood from that statement and I want you to get too.

If those who walk into the fire gets burned, what happens to those who hide from the fire? Well, they may be protected but what changed? Nothing!

How has hiding been of help?

How has running away truly helped?

Everyday you hide behind your pain.
Some days you hide behind other peoples glory.
Other days you hide behind the past.

How far has playing it safe gotten you? Only to a limit I guess.

Have you tried playing it rough? Have you tried working till you bleed and see if you don’t get some results?

You have this Idea but you keep it hidden. You want to share this story but you hide because you’re too ashamed.
You are hurting someone behind their back and you’re tired of lying to their faces.
There’s a good man/woman who loves you so much and has proves it over and over again yet you’re still scared of holding their hand because of some past bullshit betrayal.

Thats all nonsense and you know it.

You can’t run forever. You can’t save yourself from the fire every time. Sometimes your desire may just be right behind the fire. But you have to cross it to get to it.

And If you’re not brave enough you may never reach it.

Would you want that? Answer.

Whatever your answer is, let me leave you with this;

“It may be those who get into the fire that burn, but it is those who get burns that understand the true meaning of survival”

I hope you found this post inspiring. Share your thoughts in the comment.


  1. Ngozi

    Always giving inspiring stories thanks dear I enjoyed every bit of it

    • chiqj

      Oh wow!! Thank you so much Ng baby. You’re super amazing. Love and hugs xoxo

  2. Ndinechi Kingsley

    Lolz.. Lemme interpret what was in mum’s mind as at the time she was calling you… Toilet wey clean never jam correct shit… 😂
    Monkey too skilful na wen trees dey close

  3. chiqj

    *hahahaha* Kingsley!! Should I praise you or knock you? Such interpretation. Thanks man

  4. Chidinma

    Always inspiring…. Can’t luv u less. More grace and wisdom!!!!!

  5. Bims😎💙

    Chika😭😭😭, I want to burn😭😭. Thank you so much for this, really thank you💙

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