Wet love

We got drained in the rain
Those droplets of water left on his face
Looked so beautiful
I wanted to let them drop on my mouth as I savoured its taste

He drew me closer immediately
Rubbing his wet hands on my face
He dug his nails into my hair
And I couldn’t help but love the need for me in his eyes

That need made me want him more
Like magic, he obeyed
Joining his lips with mine
In a delicious kiss so soft and warm

My body ached closer as I gave a soft moan
He deepened the kiss and I felt his fire on me
I couldn’t control what I felt. I wanted it
We got lost each other as he dipped his tongue in such sensual way and I did the same

As we devoured each others lips in that kiss
I felt his fingers walk slowly towards my tigh
I feel back in delight.
I moaned as his hands reached my middle area then…

How do you feel after reading that? Be honest.


  1. Aida Tamal

    Imagine….that’s all.??😒
    And I was hoping to read more ……👓

    • Bright Duweni

      Na trouble you de find ooooo…. How do I feel about the post? I feel very normal ooooooooo…

      • chiqj

        I’m innocent oh. Hmm…its good to know that you feel normal. I so want to laugh but I’m holding it in *smiles*. I’m super glad you had a good read. Thanks for stopping by

    • chiqj

      Wow!! I’m amazed. Now what do I do about your thirst for more? I’m glad you had a good time. Thank you

  2. Ann

    I was like ahhh…
    So chika Don spoil finish?
    Don’t try this next time🤔

    • chiqj

      Hahahaha oh my God!! I’m still a good girl oh. Just trying my hands on some romance. Remember God is the source of romance. I’m practicing in my head for when the hubby comes along. Thanks for your feedback girl. Hugs xoxo

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