Traveling on a budget in Nigeria

Yay!! The interstate travel ban has been lifted.

You can now travel.

Which is why I’m here to solve the problem faced by everyone who loves to travel in Nigeria.

The problem of; how in Gods name can I travel in Nigeria without emptying my account?

I know I should have answered this question a long time ago, forgive me. I’m here. Aren’t I?

Traveling on a budget in Nigeria or any other country can be very tricky.

Here are the key things to note;

Don’t be greedy

        Just because you want to travel doesn’t mean you have to go to the entire thirty six states and capital in one week. Do not exceed three to five states. And only focus on one Geo-political zone. Stick to either the Northeast, Northwest, Northcentral, Southeast and Southwest. Don’t say you want to visit Lagos and in two days time you decide your next stop is at Kaduna. You can’t achieve that if you’re on a budget.

Don’t travel with nothing in your account

      Don’t go on an all cash trip and don’t go on a cashless trip. Divide you travel budget into two; 50% cash and 50% in the bank. Make sure you separate your cash to different places. Stash some in your pocket for immediate use, some in your tothe bag and the rest in your travel bag. Also, you should be able to make a mobile transfer with the bank that has your money. Very important in case you misplace your credit card while on transit.

Don’t lodge at the hotel for the entire trip

   If you plan to visit five states and you want to lodge at the hotel for the entire trip then I’m sorry, you can’t achieve that on a budget.
The trick is to visit states that you have friends and family residing at. So as to make it budget friendly. So out of the five states you want to travel to, make sure you stay with a friend in three states and then lodge in a hotel at two states if you have no one residing there.

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Now to the budget

Anita desperately wants to visit Abuja  and three other northern states she hasn’t been to.

Anita writes a list of her friends staying in Abuja and finally calls one to inform her.
Viola! Her friend was happy to have her.
Accommodation in Abuja was settled.

The remaining three cities were Minna, Nassarawa and Kaduna.

Her transport to Abuja to and fro is estimated at approximately N20,000

Anita loves food  so she estimated N10,000 for that.

Her lodge for one night each at minna and kaduna was estimated at 15,000 (according to my research you can get an affordable hotel at 7000 per night in this two cities)

Anita estimates other running around at N5,000

Making it a total of N50,000.

So with N50,000 Anita can comfortably visit four northern states she has never been to, explore places, eat their cultural food and have fun on her well planned budget. If she’s hard, she may even come back home with some extra change.

This budget can also be used for those traveling to the southwest region; Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun etc.

But Its lower for anyone traveling to the southeast and southsouth region. In fact you can comfortably travel to four cities in these region with N30,000.

You can also use Anita’s plan to plan a budget for yourself regardless of the city.

Please thank Anita for me.

So guys now is the time to start planning for that long awaited trip. I’ve given you a road map that can guide you to fixing your budget. Its time to get to work.

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