2020 ain’t over. Achieve those goals

By this time last year I was already planning my travel diary. I don’t just wake up one morning and do something big. I plan. Almost always.

At that time I was planning for just three cities to travel to but when it was time, I ended up visiting five cities and damn! it was amazingly fun as you all can remember, since I shared every experience with you.

Now I’m sitting at home wondering how the world has been turned upside down. How something untouchable can shake the world and withhold the freedom we thought we had wrapped around our fingers.

How a mere going cross cities was no longer an option.

And I’m humbled.

Yet, I wrote down two cities in my journals

Yes! Two cities I’m going to be traveling to this year. It may even increase the list as the spirit leads laughs

But wait!

What were you thinking? That I would give up and leave everything till next year? Hell No!

Its still the peak of the year so why shouldn’t I?

Six full months are still left off of 2020 and a lot can be achieved in this time.

So I’m going to draw up my calendar and plan. I don’t care when they lift up the travel ban but I will keep planning and working towards the goal.

So my question for you is, why have you ruled this year out?

Don’t give me the excuse of a pandemic, recession, lack etc. Its too lame.

There’s more that can be achieved this year. Its not about the year, neither is it about the time. Its wheather you are even working towards the goal or not.

Its if you’re strategically putting everything in place regardless of what month and what year.

As long as your goal is achievable then it can happen if you continue.

Don’t lay it off for next time when you can work it out for right now.

Go back to those plans you’ve put off and please…start executing them.

What are those achievable goals you haven’t given up on? Share them in the comment.

I’m always rooting for you. Thank you for stopping by.


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