Something is holding you back. Yes You!

You may have a list of small things you want to indulge in hidden somewhere. Or you may have those things saved somewhere in your head, afraid that they are unimaginable or too big to be achieved.

For me its guilt

When I look at my family and I look at myself, i wonder what the hell I’m doing “I’m I trying to have fun when my mom hasn’t had fun in a long time”.
That thought alone stops me on track.


When my sibling hasn’t achieved what he is supposed to achieve, i also wonder what the hell I’m thinking enjoying and living the life.

Guilty for trying to live life when those around me aren’t doing same.

Somehow I feel responsible for their life. That if they are not living life to the fullest then there is no reason i should.

I knew what was stopping me, but I knew that wasn’t the only thing. There are a million things that hold us back from having a little fun even when its needed and much deserved.

Why do you keep them hidden?
Why do you stop yourself from truly living your best lives?
What’s stopping you from living life to the fullest?

These were questions that needed answers
so I asked my IG family the same questions and here are some of their responses;

For me it’ll be lack of focus. Been working on it though, i trust to get over it asap

from Samuel Akpota

Money. Actually, I reward myself when I achieve certain milestones. Until I get there, I don’t indulge myself.

from Grace Christos

For me its guilt

from Toby Small

Before it used to be what people would say or think. Now owo ni koko.

From Susan

Now we know that sometimes our lack of money, focus, fear of what people will say or think and guilt can stop us from not living our best life. But how do we get past these and truly live? How do we overcome this?

Here is an answer from someone in the community that hit so deep;

To remind ourselves that we all have different journeys. That our pain doesn’t lessen another’s. That we deserve to be happy no matter what. That we choose our lives. We can choose to be miserable because there is always suffering or we can choose to be a light of positivity. Not easy though! Plus understand where it comes from. Dig deep. That’s my take.

From Toby Small

I think that answer above is enough reason to rise up and start living your life to the fullest.

What have you decided today?

Share your thoughts.

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