Ten years back in time: My travel diary

Once upon a time I traveled a lot but for years now I’ve not indulged in this particular passion of mine. I haven’t collected my school certificate since after college (some people would say, but its not necessary) so I decided to do that now. And that meant going back in time. The next thought that came to my mind was “Why not take extra few days and just relax and do something else; something spiritual and personal (I’ll talk about that in my next blog post). I listened to that thought and viola! I was on a road trip.

One important part of my journey was going back to college after 10 years of not been there. I knew it was going to be different but I didn’t expect it to be quite overwhelming.

1. The window view of observation

When we were in SS2 and SS3, we loved our classroom not because it was beautifully decorated, or very neat and organized but because we could see the entrance gate from our classroom. Strange right? We could clearly see who walked in and out of the school premises. And we were most excited to see past students who came back like I did and talk about how they looked, dressed, if their hair was made properly, if the guys looked appealing and if they looked cool and nice. If you were a student we hated was mean to us in the past,and you come looking bad. Oh God! I pity your life. We would finish you. You don’t want to know what would be discussed behind your back (laughs).
So this time I was not the one discussing others, instead I was going to be the topic of discussion. And I hoped it was going to be a good one.

So it happened that as I walked in, all eyes turned towards my direction, I saw heads stretched towards the window to get a clearer view and I caught a glimpse of lips moving in conversation. I almost burst out laughing (this habit hadn’t died) but I pretended not to notice and prayed they had kind things to say about me.
With the way they all tried to have a conversation with me, smiled at me and the few that took my pictures I had no doubt that they said nothing bad about me. One even said “Aunty we’ll be like you when we graduate”. I was happy. The tradition was still alive.

2. Favorite teacher worst subject

Ever wondered how one would have a worst subject and have her favorite teacher teach that subject?

Mathematics was that subject and my maths teacher was my favorite.
Maths was just off for me. I just couldn’t assimilate no matter how hard I tried. Ever felt that way about any subject before?

My maths teacher tried to make it easy for us and I applaud him for that. He could bring a smile to our faces and he had a friendly relationship with his students and their parents, still I couldn’t be better in maths. That was when I realized that whoever said “if you love the teacher you’d also love the subject” was very wrong. My case was different. I loved the teacher but couldn’t love the subject.

3. Tech/digital changes

You see that back door behind me? It was once an empty room that had just five to ten computers that wasn’t given much attention and because of that we started using that room to dodge classes, take a nap and talk to our crush or boyfriend secretly (winks). But when I walked into that room on Monday I was shocked. I didn’t meet a room filled with seven computers instead I met a room filled with hundreds of laptops. It made me so happy. Happy that they were moving with time and not allowing time to leave them behind.

Technology has taken over and next year its going to be massive (now is the time to prepare your self, business, brand for this revolution. Learn how by clicking here, and growing digitally). Now students data are no longer hand written. They were computerized and updated regularly. The school looked more prettier and organized than before. Both tech, digital and normal growth changes were commendable.

4. Memories

Immediately I saw the school building those memories came flooding in. Me singing the national anthem and forming a straight line at the assembly. Dozing during night preps, saving my pocket money in school so I don’t spend it all, teachers shouting my name when I do something wrong and seniors chasing us when we leave the hostel late. The punishments, weird food and social nights were hard to forget. I saw the school uniforms still looking cute as always. And I smiled at those memories.

I enjoyed every bit of this journey back to where it all began. I can’t tell it all, but there are more stories to come. For now this is where I put down the pen

Ever been to your secondary/high school since you left? What are those memories of your school you can’t seem to forget? Share them with me in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and follow the blog to get my post directly in your mail. Hugs xoxo


  1. Dim chidinma

    Wow, nice write up. Keep it up. Marist made mi love Okpa till date

    • *laughs* me too. I actually ate one close to school. And ate one again on my way back. Couldn’t resist it. Thank you for stopping by Chidinma. Love and hugs ❤

  2. Ngozi

    Wow so nice sweetie keep it up

    • I will dear. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs and love ❤ xoxo

  3. Aquila

    That was quite a journey back in time! Thanks for the ride ☺️

  4. kenneth

    OMG!! Chika!! What a refreshing journey down memory lane, you just took me back in time. nice job dear.

    • Wow!! Refreshing indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Thank you for visiting the blog. Hugs xoxo

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