Red roses aren’t enough

A frown was on her face when he walked in. That made him realize something was wrong and that something was not going to go well for him. His only hope is that she forgives him like she always does

“You did that shit again didn’t you? Answer me!”. She demanded

“It’s not the way you think baby”, he pleaded.

“Don’t you dare lie to me. You keep making me feel like I’m nothing. I cant even trust a word you say. Everyday its the same shit”. She shouted at him.

“Please…please… baby you know i love you. You can see it in my eyes. I need you. I need you in my future. I’m…so…sorry”. He begged as his voice softened.

“I don’t want to have a future with someone who thinks he is free to do whatever he pleases regardless of my feelings”, she was so exhausted “i feel like a fool for always taking you back in, for thinking that you’d be better for this relationship”, she said in disgust, “when the truth is, its going to be the same thing always and am just so tired. Its enough.

Why do we fall for their pretence all over again ?
Why do we give in to their mock change?
Why do we believe their truth for lies and their lies for truth?

Their sweet words triggers our emotions
The red roses changes the frown to a smile
The cuddle makes us lean closer than we should
Their tears melts our resolve

The emotions which was gifted to the woman to be her greatest asset of sensitivity has become her weakness.

The strength which was given to the woman to build her empire and rise above those against her, has now been trampled on.

The wisdom which was a gift to discern the true path in life and decisions has now been clouded by selfish desires and others judgment.

Those core values and principles that set you apart from the world have now been mocked and reduced to mere normality.

I don’t think it is too late to take a stand for what you truly deserve. Its never too late to let go of the vulnerability and hold on to your strength. Start unlocking the doors hiding what is right for you.

There is no use staying if you cant accept everything that comes with him. The good, bad and evil, even when the bad surpasses all.

If moving on requires a fresh start then start it without any toxic person or environment. Do what you’ve got to do.

Dance with the wind and be free.

Here’s to new fruitful beginnings. Amen!


  1. Bright Duweni

    If a woman sticks to a toxic relationship then it’s her fault… For crying out loud we should know what’s good for us

    • Yes we really should. When we make bad decisions we are to blame no one else. The men should also do better too. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs.

    • What if she wants to but can’t help herself? ….
      You know most of us have things that we do that we don’t like but yet we still do them😂

  2. Hehe … I don’t think it has much to do with the men o … If the women play their part very well of controlling their emotions, the men’s aspect would be insignificant.

    • And what of the women that play their part well by being in the right frame of mind and emotions yet the men still continue to be insensitive to them? This msg is for them because in this case it has much to do with the men

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