Foresight of the lone man in a crowded world

I stood still and watched
Awake from my slumber
While everyone rushed
The old chasing their joy
The young pursuing their pleasures
The others running after desires

My eyes widened at the expressions
A shock that knew no bounds
That they were walking in circles round
Like a bolt of lightening
That they were all chasing nothing.

A lone tear fell at the emptiness
A gap that proved something was missing
A void yet to be filled by their goodness
Something much more than their working

Something else called purpose
Yet to be grasped my the mind
Yet to be embraced by the heart
Yet to be warmed by the soul
Something greater than dreams

To be seen and felt by the palm
To be touched as the blue sky
To be achieved as supposed
To be drawn by its power
To listen to its voice when called.

The cool breeze gave me calm
Foreseeing that which is to come
In time purpose would rise
When the ear isn’t satisfied of seeing
When the ear is filled with hearing
When the hand is consumed with labor
That which is next to life will takeover

That something called purpose.

Ecclesiastes 8:6 Because to every purpose there is time and judgment, therefore the misery of man is great upon him.


  1. There is something deep about this poem🔥 … The first 3 verse of the poem really reveal the reality of our time – most people are chasing nothing😑

    But please I have a question;
    You mentioned that purpose would rise in the last verse, please can you expand on that; do you mean that each man’s purpose would rise or there is a general purpose of mankind that would rise?
    Thank you very much🙏

  2. Thank you for your kind words Banjhie.

    To answer your question i meant each mans purpose would rise. A time would come when there would be a realization that nothing can give one satisfaction than the fulfilment of ones purpose. A time when each person would not deny it any longer but heed to its calling. Thanks. Love & hugs.

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