Normal changes that may question our level of faith

I’m saying a big thank you to everyone who’s ever stopped by to read my posts. You’re awesome.

The fact that i can actually type this lengthy post is a big blessing to me and a miracle, and my heart is filled with so much gratitude.

On Thursday i was down. I really don’t know how it happened. I left the house in good spirit, excited to explore what the day would bring my way. I tided up things at work as usual the minute i entered into the office and when i was done i sat down waiting for the next course of action. Then suddenly i felt hot. So hot inside that i thought maybe its because i hadn’t taken any water that day, so i did the needful and drank a lot of water. But it didn’t change anything.

Okay this may be abnormal but i never catch a cold or even feel cold (laughs). Sorry to all those who always feel cold at the slightest thing, maybe someday i will too. Its that bad that i don’t have a single cardigan or any kind of thick cloths. Due to the fact that I’m not prone to cold, my body is always cold. I mean my female colleague in particular likes resting in my arms just to feel my cold body. But for the first time my body became extremely hot. (Saying it was as hot as a boiling water may not be an understatement). It gave me scare. And that made me realize that my abnormal life was becoming normal.

From the hotness to headaches that felt like strange people were walking on my head to tiredness to saw throat to burring eyesight and to overall weakness. Both my hands and legs became numb.

I didn’t need to run a test to know this was a serious case of malaria. I always enjoyed good health by Gods grace but knowing what this was i became frightened of what the solution to this would mean and if I’d be willing to do just that.

I could take anything but weakness of any sort is something i couldn’t handle. I couldn’t even type a simple message. I couldn’t even contribute in the photography lessons i was taking. I couldn’t even talk properly on the phone. I barely made it home. It was all this that made me decide to do the normal thing that any normal ill person in my position would do. Taking treatment. But it was this same treatment that i was afraid of.

Firstly i needed to get a test done and seriously treat it. Take the necessary prescriptions at the right time. Which is the cure for my sickness but i kept putting it off for the scared of drugs and for not ever taken drugs since junior high school (JSS3). Yes! The truth was i had never fallen sick since 2006 until now.
After i got home i finally gathered the courage and tool a pill for the headache. And prayed that that would be all for now. But it wasn’t.

Secondly mummy advised me to not try bathing cold water. After grumbling and murmuring i finally succumbed because i couldn’t deal with the weakness and pain anymore. I wanted to be myself as soon as possible. I knew doing this would be making a huge change because i had never bathed hot water since i entered boarding school when i was ten years old(weird right?). Making this decision was a big one for me. And as the hot water touched my skin that night. I felt it…i felt that clench in my muscles…i felt that difference…i felt that heat…i felt that relieve. After that i agreed that hot water was not that bad even though i knew i would not do it again because i cant deal with the heat afterwards (laughs).

So guys I’ve just realized that because you’re like me that have enjoyed a strong health for a long time doesn’t mean you should avoid taking routine medications every now and then. The truth is that we are preys to bacteria and diseases every time we walk out the door. Let’s not wait till we’re down with the flu before we take the necessary treatment to kill every toxic cell in our body. Check yourself every one quarter of the year. Because sometimes this changes are inevitable as we grow older. I knew that God was by my side. And that i suddenly fell ill didn’t mean the divine healing I’ve enjoyed for years would suddenly stop. Some people make the mistake of turning a blind eye to their issues all because they feel they have enough faith to pull them true. But don’t forget. Faith without works is dead. Be practical. Do your best and God would handle the rest.

I’m not so weak anymore but aside that every other symptom is still present. As much as i still want God’s supernatural healing, I’m not foolish enough to linger on that. So this morning I’m going to walk through that door and after my diagnosis I’m going to take all that the pharmacist prescribes for me; even though I’m still scared as hell.

So guys i need a lot of motivation from y’all and prayers too.

* * *

Let me hear your story about that thing that is normal for everyone but is abnormal for you in the comment section. I’ll be glad.


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