Last Night’s mini reunion party

I really want to say a big thank you to all my readers and followers. I hope i continue to make your time and read worthwhile. I love you all.

Okay. So we’ve been planning for our class of 2010 major reunion for what seems like ages and we’ve not been able to achieve that. I mean its not easy to plan an event with people that are across the state, country and continent if i may add. Its definitely a big deal and I’m sure we’ll achieve that in due time.

Then we thought why not organize one for those in a particular city. That thought became a plan and turned into reality. We fixed a date, communicated with the people we could reach and made a commitment to be there. And viola! We did it.

Party time

Sometimes i wonder why i always have a serious face when I’m walking; i guess it comes with the seriousness of wanting to reach any destination I’ve set before me. It was that same serious face i walked into the bar with last night. I called one of the ladies on my phone and asked what table they were in particular and before i ended the call i saw her hand up waving at me to come over and i simply nodded. As i walked she made a smiley face at me but i didn’t understand, then she put her hand on her lip and stretched it a little and smiled. That was when understood; she wanted me to stop with the serious face and smile. But instead of smiling i laughed so hard and when i joined them at the table i hugged all of them, with shouting and screaming and talking and giggling all at once. It was heartwarming. In fact it was so emotional. Although some of them have been my close friends through the years but seeing some of those other faces again after eight and the half years made it so special.

I guess that’s why its called a reunion.

I sat down and that was when it really sank in. I looked at each person and saw the changes and differences. We the ladies were looking so beautiful and cute (yeah! We always look pretty). Then the guys were a full package of handsomeness and cool. It was like they were from another planet. One couldn’t see a more handsome bunch.
Then when i heard the giggles and laughter of the little cute daughter of one of the ladies, you realize that wow, its been almost a decade and now some have children to show for it.

Physically we all changed, some changed towards beauty while others changed towards normalcy…sorry to say. Some grew muscles, others had non to show. Some grew taller, others remained short (like me *winks*), some added weight, others lost a great deal. The differences were enormous but it was those differences that made it beautiful. Those differences made a unique perfection of our togetherness.

With time came changes, opportunities, growth and maturity. We were no longer children. We were neither the kids who played pranks, nor cracked silly jokes, nor played with toys, nor write love letters, nor have a crush on silly things, nor sneak out to visit friends, nor beg to have a piece of cake, nor wake up in the morning and look forward to playing all day. We were nothing of that sort. We grew up and we became adults.

Adults who wake up each morning with a purpose. Adults who are driven by their dreams and passion. Adults who work hard everyday to bring food to the table. Adults who take risks and make hard and tough decisions everyday. Adults who faced death, loss, pain and challenges and yet still survive it all. Adults who have sacrificed their sleep and play just the make the world worth living. Adults who built love and friendship amidst our differences. Adults who fight everyday to be the best version of who they want to be. Adults who hustle hard for their families. Adults who live everyday in gratitude to God for the gift of life.

Yes! The growth is massive. Sometimes it seems unrealistic because you feel you grew less or wasted time growing. You feel others grew more because they’ve built an empire in a short period of time. They have all the fortune and money. Some have the best jobs they could ever think of Some have businesses that are yielding millions and thousands of profit. Some are happily married with children and living well. Some ride the best cars, visit the best clubs, associate with politicians, socialites, entertainers and everyone and anyone who’s important in the country. And because of that you feel you wasted all those years and you hide in the corner.

The truth is you didn’t waste those years. You grew up passionately and mentally. That your account balance didn’t grow to a million doesn’t mean that you didn’t grow well. So don’t fuss! Keep doing that which you love doing and is passionate about and put your heart and soul in it and the progress would come. If you’re unemployed keep searching for a job and don’t give up till you find one. If you’re working already keep looking for a bigger and better job. If you’re in business, do it well with your brains and wit. The fact is your time will come. Just like it came for them, it will come for you too. It didn’t happen in one day for them so it won’t for you too. Yours may be longer and that’s because your time is different.

This growth was very visible at this reunion party but it didn’t matter to any of us. It was our growth and differences that made us who we were. So we appreciated each other. We talked about everything; men, women, relationships, money, business, connect and other class mates we could think of. It was perfect. And the life band made it all so interesting and full of noise and merry. (The MC was annoying, sorry to say) In all, we laughed hard, played hard, screamed on top of our voices and danced.

And when it was time to go, we left. Even though we didn’t want to. We knew that this time it may have just been a reunion but from that night forward it would be our tight knot friendship. A Friendship tied with a scarlet thread that would always be there even when its not seen.

I went home feeling full and dreamt all night of the party and when i woke up this morning i kept thinking about it and a wide smile appeared on my face.

I wait for the grand reunion party.

Have you had your secondary / high school reunion party? If yes tell me about it and if not do you wish to have yours. Share your thoughts and answers in the comment below. I love you. Happy reading.


  1. I don’t know how you do it, but you have a way with words that can uplift someone.
    Don’t stop please..
    I daily find motivation just going through your write ups.

    • Wow!! I wont darling. I have you, so there’s no stopping me. Thank you for motivating me to write better. I love you❤

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