Living a Stress Free Life in 2021. Is it possible?

Living a Stress Free Life in 2021. Is it possible?
Living a stress free life
Andrew Neel – Pexel

Living a stress free life in 2021 is on everyone’s wishlist right now.

I mean, I crave it.

I hate having to eat only crackers the whole day because I’m too stressed from work to cook. I hate having to see my mom on some days because she is too stressed to chit chat.

So yeah, I haven’t seen anyone who likes stress, or enjoys been stressed.

I’ve seen some of my friends who have been so bitchy and unapproachable because of stress. Some are disgusted with their work, not because it’s too hot to handle, but because their clients are embodied with stress; they carry stress like a fragrance to choke anyone who attends to them.

Its 2021 and I wish I am leaping for joy, but no, its been a hard year and I’m pretty sure I’m speaking everybody’s mind here. You’d have to work tripple times harder to get results. The economy is a mess. The insecurity is alarming. Its harder for students to study with pressure, work, and challenges. Its hard for parents to provide for their families. Its hard for youths to live freely.

So freaky yeah! Everyone is stressed. You’re stressed, I’m stressed, even though we hate to admit it because, we’ve normalized stress, but your heart knows the truth.

You have accepted that stress is the order of the day. To put food on the table you have to be stressed. To pay your bills and fend for yourself you have to be stressed. To build your carreer you have to be stressed. So living a stress free life has become a myth for you. Living a stress free life has become nonsense in a country like ours.

Which is why I’m telling you that, its not a myth. There’s nothing good about stress.

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Is Living a Stress Free Life Possible?.


It is possible.

In the past I’d have said No, but now I know better. Living a stress free life is truly possible.

Stress is simply applying force or pressure to both your internal and external body which causes strain and deformation.

So it is possible to live your life without applying pressure, and force so much so that it could hurt you.

It is possible to not pressure yourself. It is possible to not carry so much stress in your hand bag. It is also possible to not be stressed mentally and physically.

Living a stress free life is achievable and I’ll show you how.

You want that don’t you?

Anna Sheets – Pexel

How to Live a Stress Free Life in 2021

Living a stress free life is not living a perfect life. Living a stress free life is simply finding ways to reduce, manage, eliminate stress, and incorporating it into your lifestyle. And you can do that by doing the following;

Examining your life

Have you ever been in a room where someone just emanates stressful energy? How did you feel? I bet you were so pissed that you couldn’t wait for the person to leave.

Now what if the person with the stressful energy is you? Have you thought about that?

That is where examininig your life comes in. You have to examine how people react when you are around, how they react when you leave the room, if they include you in important conversations or if they ask you for assistance. This would ensure to know your stress level, and how much that stress have affected others negatively. From there on, you’d know how to tackle it.

Simplifying your life.

In living a stress free life you must first remove stress by simplifying your life. You do that by taking away anything that may impose pressure and cause stress.

For instance, if you know that there’s always traffic every morning on your way to work, and you know a shorter, free and accessible road you can use, but still go a head to follow the traffic jam road, then you’re increasing your stress level by making things difficult for you.

Setting boundaries

To live a stress free life you must set boundaries. You wouldn’t be the person that allow any jargon to trample on your mental health, or allow anybody to project their frustrations on you. Set work boundaries by not accepting jobs that would stress your blood away, or accept jobs overtime when you should be relaxing at home simply because your boss asked.

Set relationship boundaries that seperates you from toxic people, or friends that dampen your self esteem. Set family boundaries that doesn’t allow your parents make decisions concerning your life, or allow traditional mentality hoard your freedom. To start living a stress free life, setting boundaries can eliminate stress entirely.

Self care/Self love

This body of yours is a work of art. It is not a machine that should be pushed over. You are not a pushover. Your body can shutdown from strain at anytime, and when it does, I don’t think you’d be able to forgive yourself for allowing it get to that point.

Take proper care of your physical body. Eat properly, ( dinner food plan is super helpful) spoil yourself, pamper yourself, take breaks occasionally, and watch how those crankiness, and stress muscles, fade away.

Alex Green – Pexel

At the end of the day, know that, it is not stress that puts food on the table, it is work.
Its called hard work, not stress work. You can work hard and not be stressed. I’m not saying you’d never be stressed. No. I’m simply asking that your priority should be, to consciously not increase your stress level or mount pressure on your self. Eliminating stress should be your ultimate focus as you go live your life.

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  1. Iboro

    It is possible to live a stress free life. I fully love and support this article. Weldone Chi

    • chiqj

      So sweet of you Iboro. Thank you so much for your kind words, and your constant support.

      Much love.

  2. Okikiola

    I can relate to this so much,attending to people who choose to make things difficult for you, fussing and stressing unnecessarily especially when you stay in Lagos like me.
    I’m choosing to lead a stressful life henceforth, thank you chika❤️

    • chiqj

      Mehn! How do you guys even survive in the bustle and hustle of Lagos? Well, no need to tell me, I know how because I’m also surviving in the drama center known as Portharcourt.
      Like you said, we choose to live a life void of stress, and that it shall be.

      Thank you. Love and hugs xoxo.

  3. Amaechi Moses

    Reading this feels like you’re talking to me. Omo I need to pamper myself more. Thank you jare

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