I was so angry.

Every hair on my body stood, as hot tears feel down my cheeks. I was hurt by what happened. I wanted to feel better but I didn’t know how, instead I kept thinking about the problem.

I kept replaying the scenes in my head. And I got angry and aggressive all over again as the tears became uncontrollable.

I became worse than I was a minute ago.


I wanted to get better. I wanted the pain to stop but it didn’t.


Because I gave myself the power to feel worse by putting myself in that position over and over again every time I thought about it, Instead of consciously allowing light to shine through my thought and show me other pictures to focus on.

So when shit happens are you making yourself worse by over thinking about it at that moment?


That is not the best time to think.

Because your mind is clouded by the pain and emotions.

Find a distraction. Or do something to re channel your focus from what happened or just sleep.

You can tackle it later.

Or else you may just see yourself drowning too deep in that pain, grief or sorrow.

Befriend time. Give it time.

Then come back to those thoughts, only then would you see the light hidden behind the darkness.

Rise babies.

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