How being broke and hungry can transform your life

After faking a straight face for thirty minutes, Ann couldn’t take it anymore and bursted into laughter. She almost fell on the floor laughing so hard from hearing my story. It was obvious she felt pity for me but couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

So I thought to share it with you too.

I just left NYSC camp. In a new environment, not knowing anywhere and anyone. I went straight to NCCF house (a home for new call members to stay, grow their spiritual life and bond with other Christians as well) and lived there for a week while I searched for a place to stay. I needed my privacy and space.

After a long search I finally found a new and clean self contain apartment in a cool and coordinated area, where all the big and elite personnel’s of Jalingo, Taraba state lived. Exactly what I wanted.

I moved in bought the basic necessities. Matrass first, then a mini shelf for my books and beverages, toiletries and food stuffs. I asked mummy to send pots and stove and containers from home which she eventually did. I started going to my PPA which was close by and began searching for a Job. I needed more to survive.

Three weeks later I was Broke

I used my last fifty naira to buy water for cleaning and bathing.

I had nothing else on me. No change no money no nothing.

I didn’t know how I was going to survive the next couple of days before we received our allowance.

I just stayed in my room.

That day, my fellow call member, friend and neighbor called me out to gist like we normally did every evening

“Babe how far”. He asked

“I dey oh”. I replied. And we talked about other things.

“Babe, please help me with Maggi and red oil?” He pleaded. I just stared at him not knowing how to tell him that the Chika that cooked in a big pot every evening to share with her friends and students had nothing except for a full pack of salt and matches laughs

“Guy sorry, I don’t have again. Its finished”. I told him and made an excuse to go back inside.

“If only this guy knew that I hadn’t tasted anything all day he wouldn’t be asking me for anything. He can take salt if he wants”. I muttered to myself and forced myself to sleep for the third time that day.

I woke up the next day with angry worms, grumbling stomach and a tired body. Plus today was not the day I embarrassed my generation so I had a plan.
I had my bath, dressed my bed, locked my empty kitchen, locked the front door, closed the windows and curtains and jumped right back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. laughs

Sounds weird right? Don’t worry.

The idea was to make sure no one knew I was home. And it worked.

Few minutes later I heard a knock on the door but I didn’t answer. I rolled myself to the far end of the bed so that no one would see my shadow even by chance.

“I don’t think she is around, even the door and windows are both closed. Let’s go”. they said as they went back. I heard them leave and was relieved.

Of all the ways to die, I’m I going to die of hunger? I murmured. I wanted to cry but how can I cry because of hunger so I held it back

“God please, today is the day you send my divine helper”, I prayed hoping for a miracle, “you rained manner from heaven for the Israelites, please just send two sachet of pure water for me”. I begged clutching my stomach.

I slept off and woke up in the evening hoping to see a miracle but I was disappointed. In few hours I was going into the next day without eating. So this is what poverty feels like I pondered.

I left the bed and changed into my one of my black shorts. I couldn’t endure the heat and suffocation coupled with my predicament so I decided to go out.

If I was going to die then its better to die where people would see me and save me on time than dying alone and isolated in my room.

I sat outside and stared at the clouds for so long that it was dark before I realized I was in that position for more than an hour.

I began walking around the compound with my hands inside my back pockets and when I was around my neighbors backyard I felt something like paper in my pocket and sighed. “Typical Chika, Always leaving pieces of paper everywhere”. I hissed, brought out the paper, raised my hand to throw it away when a letter flashed before my eyes. I stopped and quickly opened my palm to see the paper properly and to my greatest surprise it was a five hundred naira note.

I froze instantly and just stared at it as a lone tear fell on my cheek.

“Oh my God”. I whispered. The next thing I knew I was jumping

“Its a Miracle”, I screamed running round the compound in excitement, “I am rich! I am rich. Its a miracle. Thank you Jesus”. I continued shouting and all the neighbors came out shocked to see me shouting like a mad woman.

I ran to the first one “Megida its a miracle”. And to the second one “Sir you won’t believe this. I’m rich”. He simply smiled at me.
My friends asked me if I was okay and I told them I was more than okay. And ran out like a mad woman forgetting to lock my room.

Till this day I still can’t believe how I ran from my house to the shop without fainting on the road. A mere five hundred naira note had given me the strength of a lion. I knew then that a hungry man was a poor man. And I never wanted to feel that way again.

The first thing I bought was a bag of pure water (150 naira). And I drank from it immediately I bought it. Then I also got;

Bread (150)
Milk and Milo (80)
2 indomie (100)
Pepper (20)

And that was how the money finished. The bread was big enough for a two time meal. So I had one meal everyday for the next three days. That was enough for me.

God came through for me by making me put my hands in my pocket or else I wouldn’t have known that I had something left. From that day I believed in miracles. And decided I’ll never experience that in my life again. It was horrible.

Not to brag but I left NYSC with something close to three hundred thousand for someone who was starved for almost three days in a strange land with no one. And till date I have never been totally broke.

Moral of the storyDon’t stop believing. God always shows up. Sometimes in the strangest ways but he always reveals himself in our situations. One more thing. If you’re not angry enough at something you cant change that thing.

Ann may still be laughing at me but I know this story has inspired her to keep believing in miracles too.

What are thoughts after reading this story? I’d love to hear them. So drop a comment and share this post with everyone you know. Much love.


  1. Bright Duweni

    Don’t joke with hunger oooo, fear hunger oooo. After God, fear women after women fear hunger. When I was in secondary school I was in a boarding house. I missed dinning on a particular day because they rushed the food, I could not rush with them because I was very small and skinny and I don’t want to receive beating. I took my empty plate and as I was about entering the hostel a mango fell, mind you it was late already. I used my instincts to search for the mango because it was dark, I picked it and that was my meal. Hunger fit belittle person sef…. Nice one Chika

    • chiqj

      Wow!! I cant stop laughing. I can totally relate to your story too Bright. Hunger can make a man do anything because it is not a respecter of person nor age. I pray God supplies all your needs according to his riches in glory. Amen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Samuel Ayodele

    Hungry brings anger… An empty stomach can turn a man into a wild dog… God has made us in a way that we have to eat and have nutrients within our body to survive.. But in everything, God is the ultimate provider..

    • chiqj

      Well said my Friend. We are born to eat to our satisfaction and when you don’t get to do that, it becomes unbearable. Thank you for your thoughts and profound perspective. You’re amazing 😍

  3. Ann

    😂 😂 😂
    I couldn’t stop laughing…
    I kept reading this over and over again.
    When chi told me this story, I laughed my heart out, have never laughed differently as I did in a long while. This story has put a smile on our faces, em sure… I’m glad you experienced this so you could share to us. Life isn’t easy for people out there, when you have it, enjoy it and be grateful to God.
    This story taught me lessons, despite the fact that I laughed as if my joy was in it.
    I sat to think how people on the street survived, people without roof on their head, how much a ceiling to look upon.
    Honestly, this also taught me that we should try extend helping hands to others, study people, know their needs and solved them if you can. You don’t know whose live u would save.
    Thanks for this reminder chi😊

    • chiqj

      Aww. Beautifully said Ann. You practically pushed me to tell this story and I’m glad you did. And like you said there are millions of people that are hungry every single day of life not just for two days and it is those people we really need to look out for. I hope we do so as God helps us.

      And please stop laughing joor or I’ll sue your😂😂🤣

    • Ndinechi Kingsley

      Well said you don’t know who’s life u will save.. Ann thumbs up
      😂😀😁 I no been won Laff buh lemme join aunty Ann in laughing 😂😀😁

  4. Ndinechi Kingsley

    A hungry stomach
    An empty pocket and A broken heart can teach you the best lessons of life

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