Laugh through the fights

The sound of the door banged so hard
Left him with more guilt than ever
Leaving behind the sad tears he heard
That questioned the promises of forever.

Those steps brought him back to reality
Her enchanting face still hardened
Only to prove it was just a fantasy
Her never returned smile got him frightened
Something was missing, her laughter.

Sharing the same meal didn’t measure up
Her perfect body beside him made it worse
Sounds of her working fingers ate him up
Her scent in his nostrils made it coarse.

A hundred roses left the door still closed
A thousand words was left her unshaken
A million calls to say sorry got locked
A trillion text of apologies left it broken.

Memories of the past brought emotions
A reminder of what they’ve been through
Pictures of the events and traditions
The trick was a lifetime of shared moments.

The sound of her laughter filled the room
Like a breath of fresh air bringing relief
Anger disappears, swept by the broom
With hands held together at a new belief.

To laugh through it all
Her laughter was all he needed


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