The good man on a journey of the unknown

He decided to go ahead. On a journey of soul searching.

The dawn of everyday brought a feeling of emptiness, a void even all his wealth and achievements couldn’t fill, and he was extremely tired of it.

He didn’t know what he was searching for, but he needed something; something spiritual and peaceful to give him a purpose other than chasing ambition.

Every path he walked on gave him something to think of.

Every natures breath that filled his nostrils gave him relief and calmness.

Every wind of nature that blew on him, brought a smile to his face.

He was finding rest, but was it enough?

With this thought he continued on his journey and surprisingly found something when he stopped to rest.

It was the body of a badly beaten injured man, with bruises that left him half dead.

Without a second thought he carried him and walked all the way to the only inn he could find.

He bandaged his wounds, rubbed his body with the healing oil and took care of him all night.

In the morning he left a huge sum of money with the host to continue his treatment. He took off and continued on his journey knowing fully well that he had survived the critical stage and he would be fine in no time.

With a smile on his face and a swell on his chest “i just saved a mans life“, He whispered. He realized he had done something great and had found something meaningful. It was the only feeling of peace and contentment he had had in a long time.

He knew it was the hand of God.

He didn’t know if it was fate that made him take the wrong turn or if it was his decision to not turn back but continue on the wrong turn and move ahead, that actually brought him to this point.

All he knew was that he had found something to live for. Now his life’s work would be channelled to the direction of his faith, Love and kindness.

To all my readers; What would you say have brought you where you are now? FATE OR CHOICE

Story woven from Luke 10: 25- 37

I would really love a response from y’all. God bless you.


  1. Anny

    I believe its fate that brought him to that point in life

    In my case I believe its choice, decisions I made in life that brought me this far.

    • I’m glad the decisions you’ve made have been right for you all this while. Much love ❤ xox

    • This is great. Please can I ask you a question🙏
      So do you mean everything that has been happening in your entire life has totally been a result of your choices?

      I would really appreciate your response. Thanks🙏

  2. For me, I believe its been a mixture of Grace (which you can call fate) & choices I’ve made. This is because I believe my choices have been crucial even in the midst of grace available – fate I believe won’t force anything on anybody, we as humans have to make the final decision to do or not to do in line with circumstances that fate has brought to us.
    So its a mix of grace (fate) & choices made.

    • I’m excited to read your response to this and know that you’ve made choices that have moulded you to who and what you are. In other words. We cant control fate but we can control our choices; which is a blessing indeed. Thanks.

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