Yippee!…I’m super excited to be at this moment where I’m writing in this domain and you get the chance to read it at your own pace and time. Before it was just little words but now because of you its going to get bigger and broader; and to tell you the truth its long overdue. So many events, changes and decision has brought us to this moment which makes me remember an incident that once happened a long time ago.




A passerby like me stricken with sweat & hunger, bored out of life and in great need of something to spice up my miserable day suddenly saw three women with loaded sac and faded bags filled with their belongings on the road which meant they were going somewhere far. The way they looked haggard and frail also meant they were hungry like me but one woman was much older than the other two so it must be her children I guessed. I came closer to see clearer and to eavesdrop on their conversation and when I saw the older woman’s eyes I knew I had never seen such sad eyes, so deep, so taunting and yet so full of knowledge and wisdom. I couldn’t move an inch backward, those eyes wanted me to know more.

Oblivious to the person listening and watching them Mara the elderly woman took her bag from her two daughters and urged them to go “My girls, go back, go back to your parents home, you’ve done enough, you’ve shown me and your husband’s so much love and kindness. I want you to find rest in the home of another husband, you’re still both young”. Then she kissed them goodbye and they wept, “We will go back with you mother, we can’t live without you” they both muttered in tears.

“Why would you come with me? I’ve lost the only children I had and will ever have,  my two sons your husbands. Return home my daughters you have so much ahead of you; I’m too old to have a husband, which man in his right senses would accept me? Even if by chance I get a husband tonight would I give birth to sons or would you wait for them to grow up? No my children”.

‘Oh my God, that means this woman lost everything. her face hid it so well but he’s eyes gave her away. You could see the weight of her pain in her eyes’, I thought to my self as I stood listening in awe and admiration of these ladies who once had a full lives now left with empty lives and memories of their painful past.

As they wept one of the daughters kissed her goodbye and left while the other one clinged to her and held her so tightly. ” Don’t urge me to leave you or turn my back on you mum. where you go i’ll go and where you stay I’ll stay”. Seeing her determination Mara took Ruth’s hand and they both started their journey. A journey that would change their lives forever.


We both know that our paths have been filled with strange twists and uncertainties but still here we are in this special unique moment reading post and savouring each and every word. This too is going to be our new journey. This is what I love doing, I want you to read this and know that the bible is so pleasing to read, its sensational and it’s edifying because that’s the motivation behind my stories. I want you to forget the uncertainties that had happened in the past and still happening presently, get here and enjoy every story from the gospel and build your faith, Get inspired from real life experiences and occurrences, laugh out loud till you forget your challenges , listen to good music till your ear hurt and sit on the couch and watch movies till your eyes soar.

If you love all this just like me say ‘I do’ and send your comment, questions and feed back and let’s take a ride…Our Journey has just began.



  1. Iboro

    Awesome dear Chika. I celebrate you

  2. Hey Chika! Congratulations! Super excited about this. Keep penning awesome stories. Well done girl.

  3. Korie Ifeoma Chisomaga


    Keep it up dear…so simple yet captivating!!!

  4. Anita Jerry

    Woooow, nice one Chika mama. I loooove it. Keep it up, we hope to be like u when we grow up.

    • ‘Smiles’ I’m still growing but I hope so too dear. Thank you so much Ani love

  5. Chigozie

    Nice one ma chika…more grace!

  6. ini Edinyang

    I do
    I want to start this journey with you
    I’ve always admired your perspective to life and God
    So let’s go baby😍😍😍😍

  7. Odupute chinonye

    What a wow!am super proud of u dear….go gal….

  8. blessing izah

    This little writeup got me smiling… keep it up dear. i celebrate you

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