Where did the wooing mission go wrong?

Guys I must applaud you. You men are amazing. How do you guys get the heart to ask a lady out? I mean its really not an easy thing wooing a lady. Its like gambling and it could either be a win win or a total loss. Whoop! You guys have balls. And when they face rejection they still come out strong and healthy. You guys deserve a pat on the shoulder for all that you face in the hands of we ladies.

But can you guys stop doing this. Please just stop doing the two things I’m going to point out right now. I’m not a relationship coach but sometimes I hate it when you do this and so does most ladies.

1. The beginning line

I went to get something from a close by store that day and I noticed a car buying fruits by the road side. When I came back I still saw him and that was when he stopped me (I knew he saw me passed and probably waited till I came back to act). He wined down the glass.

“Hello”. I continued walking “Hello”, I heard again and turned back to see who needed my attention.

“Oh Hi”. I replied.

“Have we met before? You look familiar”. He asked curiously, expecting a conversation.

“No, I don’t think I know you”. I replied shaking my head sideways.

“Do you live around here? I’m trying to recall where I know you from”. He said again. Oh now he is trying to know where I live I thought to myself. “I’m very sure you don’t know me okay”. I said sternly trying to walk away

“By the way I’m Chris. And you really really look familiar. I feel like I know you from somewhere”. He repeated. This time I was fed up. And felt like punching him. Was this the best he could do? I wondered.

“Noooo!! You don’t know me and I don’t know you. Simple”. I replied with clenched teeth and stormed out, trying to be civilized, walked inside and burst out laughing.

Why use that line? Of all the dating line you could use, why that one? Don’t you know that it makes you men look foolish and hopeless (sorry to say) Why are you asking her if she’s familiar with you? Does she look like your mother or does she look like your TV crush or does she look like the girl you see in your dreams? Please don’t. Just greet her and turn back. Please I’m pleading.

2. Jumping the line of friendship.

You meet her today and next week your line is “Chika I really like you. Can we please go on a date together? Would you go on a date with me? For what? Are you John Wick? (laughs).

Let me say it in our Nigerian style “babe I like you. I really want you to be my girlfriend. I for like date you oh”

Guys why?

Don’t you know how to build friendship.
I’m not saying what you are feeling is a lie. Its alright if its love at first sight but please keep it to yourself. Don’t tell her three days after you met her that you love her so much and that since that day you’ve not been able to sleep.

Its the plans that you’ve laid out to achieve that is giving you sleepless night not her. Four years is not even enough to know someone so why jumping the line and trying to get a grown ass woman in just one weak or one month of meeting her.

Build friendship so that you’ll eventually get all of her. If you jump the line of friendship you may end up getting nothing or getting fragments of her.
To avoid rejection, disgrace and long term suffering, build friendship.

Be wise

See you in 2020


  1. Ebijanded

    Don’t mind them eeeh
    They’ll be better come 2020 I’m sure.

    • Smiles* If you’re sure then I’m sure. Thanks for visiting the blog. Love ❤ xoxo

  2. Emeke E

    So many guys don’t know how to build friendship, I was hearing the words of K.K Komaiya He said INVEST in friendship some men don’t know dis
    Nice one CHIKA JONAH 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • You hit the nail Emeke. “Invest in Friendship” I completely agree. I’m glad you found this post relatable. Love and hugs ❤ xoxo

  3. Bright Duweni

    😂 😂 😂
    Well I’m not sure I can agree less with you on the two points you rightly pointed out, but as Ebi Janded pointed out we would be better in 2020. Nice one

    • Hallelujah!!! 😂😂. Thank you Bright. 2020 looks great already. Love and hugs ❤ xoxo

        • 😂😂😂 so hilarious and annoying. Thanks for stopping by Henry. Hugs ❤ xoxo

  4. John Maduforo

    John Wick 🤣🤣🤣

    • 😂🤣😂 whey you know you know. Thank you stopping by the blog today. Hugs and love ❤ xoxo

  5. ini Edinyang

    The first point marvels me every time..you look familiar..immediately I hear that line, I already think youre a joker. Although, sometimes the guy may have met you before but don’t insist on it if she says she can’t temember..haba🤣
    Welldone Chiq

    • 😂Exactly my point don’t insist on it. You need to have a back up line like “can I meet you now” something to prove that you’re really serious and matured.

      Thanks for sharing your input. Love and hugs ❤ xoxo

  6. Interesting post👌
    I think you deserve a ministerial appointment Chika
    Special Adviser to Men on Women Affairs would fit you gan😂😂😂

    In between, you ladies are always so quick to talk about how men do you wrong like you all are perfect but hardly talk about the wrongs you do to men……

    No dis intended with my statement
    Am just saying ni o before you women attack me😂

    • Hehe I need that appointment 😂. And by the way not all ladies are quick to pick faults. We are naturally wired to be tolerant and sensitive. This post is only addressing an issue regarding the men; not to judge them but to make them better if they have a plan in meeting Mrs right in 2020. They need a back up plan if they are going to start their pick up line from “You look familiar” 😂

  7. Bright Duweni

    So some ladies are arguing or would eventually argue that the phrase “You look familiar” or “Have I met you before” is overused. I would say No to that because in that moment, I mean in that heat of passion you lose lots of things words inclusive, so at that point you don’t know where to start or what to say. When we are attracted we babble forward without real strategies, it’s not our fault because at that point we are not in full control.
    But I say yes to the fact that we should or must build friendship, it’s very important.

    • 😂😂 like i said its not easy wooing a woman and i applaud you men for trying. But why not have a back up plan if the beginning line “You look familiar fails”? That’s the issue. It makes the lady feel like you’re joking.

      That pick up line is awfully annoying to a grown woman to tell you the truth. When you’ve tried that and she looks impatient you can eventually say “Can I meet you now”? Or “I would love to know you”. That would be better. Than insisting that the person looks familiar when your conscience knows that’s a lie.

      Rather woo that pretty woman from the heart not from the mouth.

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